Charlie Sheen ‘Winning’ the Fame Game

Hollywood Veteran publicist Michael Levine, who has repped Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Jackson and many more, knows about crazy antics with stars.

So when the New York Post asked him to comment on Charlie Sheen’s comeback, he told it like he sees it.

“I’m not sure there’s a path back to a sane image and persona for Charlie Sheen,” veteran publicist Michael Levine said. “His behavior was so outrageous that I’m just not sure he can ever recover. On an outrageous scale, Sheen’s behavior is the Super Bowl of craziness.”

Hollywood Sentinel publisher and producer Bruce Edwin thinks Charlie Sheen will be fine. “The warlock is winning!”

The producer laughs, “Charlie Sheen is a very likable star. People of all generations like him, and his fans want to see him be O.K. I think Charlie’s antics have made him a bigger star than ever, and he will come out even stronger and better than ever because of all of this. Besides, when Janes Addiciton sang ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ in the 90’s, they were partly right.”

“Charlie Sheen came and shook things up a little bit for television and celebrity, and while his actions are not commendable, they were certainly shocking – and that is one of the formulas to fame – shock ’em good.”

Charlie did that, partly deliberately, and partly due to being sick. Furthermore, Hollywood can be very forgiving. Regardless, the world still loves him, and are rooting for him, and that’s more than enough for a star to win.