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Celebrities -Fine Nude Art – Travel the ART park Gallery / Linz, Austria

The works of Star-Photographer Manfred Baumann

Already known but famous works will be shown and also some very new works.

Portrayals of Lionel Richie, Paul Anka, Juliette Lewis, Forest Whitaker, Sir Roger Moore, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, sowie Sonya Kraus, Nina Ruge, Ralf Moller and many more …

With his wonderful travel photography, Manfred Baumann likes to sensitize people for untouched nature or the beauty of busy cities …

His third passion in photography is fine nude art – and will also be part of the exhibition.

To this exhibition opening many famous people are on the guest list.

Vernissage on 9th of June from 7 pm

Pierre Geisensetter will moderate … The following guests will be welcomed: Lisa Fitz, Miguel Herz-Kestranek, Manuel Ortega, Uwe Kroger ,Gabriel Barylli, Gunther Gillian, Edi Finger jr., Xenia Seeberg, Bettinna Assinger, Christina Lugner, Melanie Weichselbraun, Marina Schneider, Silvia Hackl, Sylvia Leifheit, Simone, Didi Constantini, Angela Ascher, Antonia, Andy Lee Lang, Eric Papilaya, Michael Tschugnall, Michaela Schaffrath, Alexander Antonitsch sein.


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