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Blake Lively’s Yearbook Photos Released for Fans

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blake lively.
Blake Lively.

Friday, April 7, 2018 – Gossip Girl star – Blake Lively’s yearbook photos were recently released via news agency Backgrid, online media sources revealed.

Blake Lively, married to Ryan Reynolds, rose to popularity with Gossip Girl, a drama about Girl of Upper East Side High School. The yearbook released by Backgrid contains several pages featuring pictures of Blake Lively and her friends from Burbank High School. She graduated from Burbank High School in 2005.

Sources reveal that a number of pages in the yearbook have been dedicated to Blake Lively and her high school best friend, Kelly. These pages also feature a lot of pictures featuring the two friends at different celebrations and proms, Blake as cheerleader for Kelly playing football.

The yearbook also contains a page dedicated to Blake Lively’s friendship group BBMAK. The group includes Blake, Brit, Mel and Kelves. In addition, two pages in the yearbook have been dedicated to the childhood memories of the actress’ father.

Based on the book series written by Cecily Von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl has been one of America’s most popular television series. In fact, it has been so popular that a large number of tour operators in New York City have started offering a Gossip Girl Tour to the locations of this ever-so-popular television drama.

The tours have become immensely popular with both tourists and locals alike. In fact, a large number of people from across the globe come to New York City with just one purpose – to spend a day or two reliving the lives of Blair and Serena from the television drama.

The major locations covered under the Gossip Girl Tour are the Grand Central Terminal, Vera Wang candy store, Constance Billard, St. Jude’s schools, Met Steps, and Empire Hotel. This tour also covers the Elite Upper East Side of Manhattan allowing visitors to explore Constance Billard School, St. Jude School, Museum of the City of New York, St. James’ Church, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and Metropolitan Museum of Art. All these places allow fans to relive all their favorite moments from the show.

All in all, the Gossip Girl Tour is a must for any avid Blake Lively fan. This tour promises to take fans on the unparalleled Gossip Girl Adventure and ensures the experience is unforgettable and exciting.

In addition, look out for Blake Lively’s yearbook and get up-close with the childhood of one of the most loved actresses in Hollywood.

Blake Lively.

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