Time Has Come That Artists in Named Categories Become Millionaires

‘The Family Film Award 1996’ was Dr. Olympia A. Gellini’s first dream which he founded and brought to fruition. Mr. Gellini is the Founder of the World Film Institute (WFI), a Nonprofit Organization that bestowed the first ‘Family Film Award’ (FFA) in collaboration with Dick Clark Productions, aired on CBS TV channel.

Mr. Clark was a cultural icon; an American television and radio personality and television producer.

Gellini story begins celebrating artists.
Gellini story begins celebrating artists.

Dr. Gellini is now planning to bring to fruition his second dream which he has harbored since his early childhood.

The dream is to bring the world together through various categories of culture, art, the entertainment industry and education.

Help every artist, in whatever category he or she excels, and also every owner of a museum, entertainment company, movie and music producing entity, fashion industry, to gain acclaim and wealth.

This is a win-win situation and it is about time that all those conglomerates join together in order to support this extraordinary idea.

See the press release: Dr. Olympia A. Gellini Announces New Financially Incentivizing Art and Culture Initiative

Family Film Award

famous artists
Famous artists.

Supporting Artists

Here is the key into Dr. Olympia A. Gellini’s 2nd dream come true.

For many years the same paintings, movies, exhibits of all sorts are on display. New talent must be exposed and promoted.

The time has come for a drastic change.

Many countries put together events in 15 art categories, and a total of 225 artists win awards in their own country.

Olympia Art Awards will take these artists a step higher. The FIVE artists from each category who scored the highest – 5 artists multiplied by 15 recognized categories equals 75 – will be recognized as their country’s champions.

When artists are recognized as a champion in their country, they automatically enter the world champions arena.

It is because every three years a selected host country will bring together all the recognized champions from each country, not for a competitive event, but rather for the purpose of world recognition, acknowledgment and exposure.

Dr. Olympia A. Gellini
Dr. Olympia A. Gellini

Financial Support

When the owner of a museum or a fashion line, for example, attends such a world event in the host country, he or she will have an exclusive opportunity to shop for a new product of whatever category; chose to work with or buy from 75 champions, each in his or hers category, from each partaking country.

The Selected Arts 15 Categories

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Literature
  • Theatre and Camera
  • Make up and photography
  • Fashion
  • Humanitarian
  • Man, Woman, Youth Plus
  • Culinary Art, Food and Drink
  • Special Need Artists
  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Wellness

This first time announcement may change the lives of many.

In the recent press release, Dr. Gellini said, “The essence of this project is to create a symbiotic relationship where artists and businesses mutually benefit, making it a win-win situation for all parties involved. We are focusing on acknowledging and promoting new talent that often remains overshadowed. It’s time to usher in change.”

Events held in a unique model in participating countries feature 15 art categories to identify the top 5 champions in each of the 15 recognized categories – Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpting, Literature, Theatre and Camera, Make up and photography, Fashion, Humanitarian, Man, Woman, Youth Plus, Culinary Art, Food and Drink, Special Need Artists, Architecture, Environment, Wellness.

The selected champions will then represent their country on the global stage. The event, to be held every three years in a host country is a celebration for world recognition, acknowledgment, and exposure.

Dr. Olympia A. Gellini with journalist/publicist Nurit Greenger - Photo, July 13, 2023, courtesy Nurit Greener
Dr. Olympia A. Gellini with journalist/publicist Nurit Greenger – Photo, July 13, 2023, courtesy Nurit Greener

Editor’s Note: Nurit Greenger, as a journalist and a publicist, says she is honored to have Mr. Gellini entrust her with this exclusive announcement to expose world new talent under the umbrella of an international Champions event.

Gellini’s Olympia Art Awards

A message from publicist Nurit Greenger

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