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African American Chess Star Orrin Hudson Meets Donald Trump

Orrin Hudson plays chess.
Orrin Hudson plays chess.

African American Chess Star Orrin Hudson met Donald Trump, and now asks the U.S. Presidential Nominee to keep his word. Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson went from a gang member, to a cop, to an American Chess Champion, and is now a national motivational speaker who helps kids get the right mindset to get out of the ghetto, and become a success in life.

Orrin Hudson Asks Donald Trump to Keep His Pledge

Earlier in his nonprofit public speaking career, Orrin Hudson met U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump, who Orrin states, promised him support in helping to spread the word about his work and message to youth across the country. Today, Orrin is asking Mr. Trump to keep his word and show support for kids across America by supporting him as Orrin states he pledged to do.

Orrin Hudson – Undecided Voter: Asks Hillary Clinton For Support

Orrin Hudson, who says he has not yet decided who he is voting for, said that he is also asking Hillary Clinton to make a pledge and help him help the kids that need support. Orrin says that because he came from the ‘hood, he can speak their language, and the kids listen to him.

Chess Star with a Positive Message For Kids

The chess star has a simple message that resonates with his young audiences. He teaches them to “Learn to think before you act.” His motto is, “Put your head up, pull your pants up, and get your grades up!” And the most important he says, “Never give up!”

Using Good Judgement: Thinking Before Doing

Orrin Hudson teaches that, like in the game of chess, as in life; for every move there is a consequence. He feels there is no better way to get this point across than by teaching youngsters how to play chess. “Before they know what is happening to them, they are learning the concept of thinking ahead and what happens if they do this, that or the other,” he explains. “We all are natural competitors and we want to win, whether it is playing a game or succeeding in life, and kids are no different.” He says, adding, “They just need to be taught how to win, and that’s where I come in.”

“Be Someone” Program for Children to Tour America

Orrin Hudson, who was interviewed recently on the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner radio program, announced that he is now ready to take his “Be Someone” program on the road in an effort to reach more young people who are at risk of making the wrong moves in their lives. Orrin Hudson credits the game of chess with literally saving his life when he was a youngster, and now he’s paying back.

Former State Trooper / Air Force Veteran

The Air Force veteran and former Alabama State Trooper realized he had a calling to save young people from themselves when he saw too many crime headlines announcing ruined lives because of poor decision making. “I knew I had to act.” Orrin states, “Now, several years later, I have trained more than 50,000 young people across the country so that they can win instead of lose, and succeed instead of fail, if they use their God-given thought process,” he says.

Non-Political Message to Help Kids

Orrin states that he hopes Donald Trump will come through on his pledge to help him. He said that he is also reaching out to The Clintons. “This is not political,” he states, “This is for the kids.” Orrin Hudson is available for local workshops similar to the one he recently held at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Atlanta, which saw at least one movie star in attendance, showing her support. “In just a few hours, I can make a lasting difference in a young person’s life,” Orrin says.

You can learn more information about Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson by visiting his web site at www.besomeone.org

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Orrin Hudson plays chess.

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