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Actor Danny Rawley Joins the Cast of ‘RX’ Film


It has been announced that actor Danny Rawley recently took part in a film project. The upcoming film is called “RX,” and Danny got the role of Bobby!

Danny’s Busy Schedule

Fans might not have heard much about actor Danny Rawley lately, at least not from NewsBlaze.com, and it might be because of Danny’s busy schedule!

2012 found Danny in school, sports, on photo shoots, being a teen, and of course working hard as an actor.

Danny Rawley in RX film scene

Film Projects

Two film projects that Danny has been involved with lately are “La Voix” and “RX.”

The “RX” trailer was filmed in 2012, and the film, itself, will begin shooting soon. The director is Buddy Winsett.

Film Theme of Serious Nature

“RX” has a theme that is of a serious nature. It is a film whose goal is to bring out the importance of drug addiction and how serious an issue it is.

Tony Senzamici was cast to portray Danny’s dad in “RX” (see photo). In it, Danny plays a high school jock who gets injured and addicted to pain pills.

Danny Rawley and film dad, Tony Senzamici

“I enjoyed being on the set of ‘RX.’ All of the actors were very professional and great to work with.”

Intense Story Line

The story line is very intense about a serious problem we have of drug addiction in our country.” – Danny Rawley.

TV Show

Danny was also part of the TV show, “Lord of War.” It airs on “National Geographic” every Wednesday.

Fans can look forward to more about Danny in these films and TV show.

Danny in Sports

When it comes to sports, Danny participated in his final high school varsity game. His team won district champions!

“It was definitely an awesome feeling that, in my senior year our team, The Tritons, became District Champions!

Danny Rawley in Office Depot print ad

I’ll miss playing with all my teammates at high school.”

Sports is not over for Danny, though, as now he is back playing soccer on his competitive team, The Strikers.

Print Ads

In addition to film projects, Danny has also shot two print ads. One ad was for Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the other was for Office Depot. See this and more at Danny’s fan page (link below).

Who knows what else is around the corner for this talented actor, model and athlete!

Fan Following

Fans can follow Danny Rawley at his Fan Page. One can also learn more about this actor at DannyRawley.com.


Caution, as attached film clip might be considered “intense,” due to violence and language. Actor David Koepfinger is the drug dealer in film clip.

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