Visionary Jake Shannon Releases New Book ‘Thinking Outside the Box’

Provocative thinker and visionary, Jake Shannon, has released his new book titled, “Strange Attractor: The Discordian Libertarian Writings of Jake Shannon.” This book is a work of the libertarian mind that will definitely take you on a roller coaster ride through the thoughts of some of the most unanswered questions of our lifetime.

Jake is already a highly touted visionary through his resurrection of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling and now uses these same attributes to try to understand the many different views that continue to keep us thinking. His style on the mat is aggressive and meticulous; the same two theories put into his writing style.

The genetic descendant of Irish Anarchist Kings, Jake Shannon has been referred to as titles such as, “the most interesting man in the liberty movement,” “human Swiss army knife” and “iconoclast.” In this collection of writings that are both sharp and blunt, Jake Shannon attempts to brilliantly solve all the problems of the world. Whether he succeeds or fails miserably is up to you!

Jake Shannon has single handedly resurrected one of the world’s lost arts of grappling through his crusade of Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling. He has breathed new life into one of the toughest styles of grappling, an art that has unfortunately been forgotten. He earned a Master of Science in Financial Engineering, hosted a popular broadcast talk radio show for three years, and was the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Utah. He also is an inventor of the innovative piece of fitness equipment called the “Maceball” and a pioneer of the art of scientific wrestling!

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