The Visions of a Cowboy Review

As a person who has completed hundreds of reviews, I have to say up front that Mr. Wilson’s book, as well as his ideology, is something that I’ve never seen before. To take the reader by the hand and lead them into the words that Mr. Wilson has written on paper, I want to begin with an explanation of what you will observe.

We are all used to punctuation. In fact, as students we would get into trouble if the period, comma, question mark, etc. were not in the correct place. The teacher would put that big red mark on our essays, and the grade we received would not be something that we wanted our mother to see. Even the teacher made sure that after writing the horrific grade SHE would use punctuation – a big red exclamation mark to let our parents know that we were solidly incorrect when we decided to write what our minds’ created.

We are taught at an early, early age that grammar is one of the most important things we will have to learn throughout our days on this earth. Mr. Wilson, however, has created an entirely new idea when it comes to the world of the punctuation mark.


Right off the bat, The Visions of a Cowboy announces the fact that the use of punctuation stops the flow of ideas…of visions…of pure thought. Positivity is the key, and the glory of life and experiencing the beauty, wonder, and amazement that surrounds us all on a daily basis is completely halted when one needs to “adjust” their thoughts by stopping or pausing imply to use the “correct” grammar in order to get across your ideas. Therefore, Mr. Wilson has written what I would call a monologue – a fascinating monologue – explaining to readers what life is really like – what your eye sees, your ears hear, and your heart and soul believe in, when the barriers of the modern world are not thrown in front of you to halt your inspiration.

What the writer is really delving into is how to experience life with gusto and how to achieve the desired life that you want with everything you have, yet the modern world keeps stopping you from getting your dreams or seeing your goals to fruition. With the words that are spoken, and when they have the freedom to flow continuously, your mind is able to experience everything. Robert, through his special technique, can “see” his spiritual self.

He can “see” the iron-willed stubbornness that he owns and uses to achieve everything he wishes. He is a soaring eagle at times that takes a look at the world through open eyes, unleashing his rancher wisdom and the success he has had spiritually, financially, and every other way possible. He is a bull-rider with guts who can release his energy in the business world, yet still have the time and ambition to enjoy a serene sunset over a Rocky Mountain. He trusts his ability to let go of the mundane, boring, and somewhat frightening world that is broadcast over television screens and radio programs every five minutes, and experience his life in good health and lavish wealth.

He tells the world that they can live their ‘Life of Riley’ with the comfort and serenity the phrase speaks of, while comprehending and living every dream that arrives in their mind.

In the writing world there are many phrases when it comes to books or ideas that are used over and over in reviews, such as, “A Magnificent Time,” or, “This is a Must Read.” Yet, when it comes to Mr. Wilson, a reviewer can finally say – in truth – that here is a writer who has discovered the word, “Different.” This may not seem like a knock-down, drag-out review…but it is. So much in life has become same-old, same-old, yet Mr. Wilson has uncovered a way to enrich a person’s life with using plain-old common sense – which, let’s face it, is something that hardly anyone uses nowadays. His company, Cowboy-Wisdom NLP Coaching offers Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Coaching, Past Regression, Parts Integration, and Life Coaching for personal use, businesses, and groups. He utilizes a down to earth country boy approach to expand your everyday life with simple techniques.

And this book is just the first step in a brand new way of looking at the writing world, and the beginning of a path that will allow people to open themselves up to see what they’ve been missing since the day the teacher gave them that bad grade and said they did I wrong. Many people will enjoy this book simply because they wish nothing more than to change their lives and finally get it right!

In fact, here is a breakdown of the way Robert Wilson looks at the meaning of LIFE:

L=Let go of everything in your life by detaching from your societal condition by doing what you think society and everybody else thinks your should do. Allowing you to open your fortitude to being a sovereign executive expanding your tides of crisp parvenu wisdom to live your desired life.

I= Set Intentions.

F=Focus only on your desired outcomes.

E=Expand into your desired life.

Are you open to understanding everything you know is a limitation?

This is a path that is quite simple – a personal expansion that you can every day in your everyday life to allow you to experience life as you choose. This unique partnership enables you to set your intentions to change your life, and use your strength, perseverance and fortitude to live out your desired existence and succeed in having your dreams become a reality. You can create a rhythmic flow of abundance in your life – a life designed by you in partnership with Cowboy Wisdom.

The fundamental changes that you can make using Mr. Wilson’s ideology include making more money, managing your time so that you can stop and enjoy the world around you, own your possessions instead of having your possessions own you, and find a way to quite condemning and criticizing yourself and others – which all of us, to be honest, do at least twenty times a day.