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The Cuckoos of Batch Magna Book Review


In the small, European community of Batch Magna, things have remained the same for as long as folks can remember. Families have stayed, thrived, & been content. On the river there sits a society of people who live on houseboats. A diversified bunch, they’ve put down roots per se & are content living on the water.

When town elder, The General, dies his estate is passed to his great nephew who is- an American. Part of the estate includes these houseboats. Unfortunately for those dwelling there, Sir Humphrey has decided that they have but 3 months to vacate. Perhaps he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with! They won’t be leaving without a fight.

Phineas, a writer and misguided ladies’ man, accompanies a glass-eyed Colonel, a very fertile Fortune Teller, & an amusing band of others preparing to go up against Sir Humphrey’s economic pursuits. Who will come out victorious?

It’s not often that one finds an author so skilled at storytelling that one can picture every bit of the story in their head. Peter Maughan has a true gift for vivid imagery. I’ve not encountered another writer who uses such beautiful wording. His scenery descriptions come alive as if they are a character themselves. Every one put a smile on my face.

Each character is essential to the storyline. He doesn’t waste time with useless dialogue. When swaying between bits of historical perspective, it’s done seamlessly. Even the animals in the story have personality.

From a plot standpoint, it is new and fresh. It’s lovely that the houseboat community pull together all their unique personalities to stand up for their homes. Although they outnumber Sir Humphrey, it’s still a bit of a David & Goliath story in its money vs. morals approach.

Mr. Maughan has penned a unique and splendid story that is sure to catch on in popularity. I highly recommend it & hand it a 5 of 5 stars rating for spellbinding descriptions, marvelous plot, and originality.

I received an eBook copy in exchange for an honest review. ALL opinions are mine.

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Liz Terek is a book reviewer, housewife and homeschooling Mom of 3 sons. She lives in a very rural area and is actively involved in the local church and in community needs projects.

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