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Super Piggy – New Children’s Novel of Pet Adventures

Ever seen a piglet as a pet in a home with a dog and cat? Yes or no, this interesting scene is at the center stage of the new children’s book Super Piggy by author and illustrator Annie Harmon. The book tells the story of an American family that adopts a piglet, Piggy, and finds themselves in a new phase of adventures and challenges.

The narrator of Piggy’s adventures is the pet dog Oscar, a boxer through whose eyes we see the world of thoughts and feelings while living with people who love and care, yet who have rules regarding safety that can sometimes conflict with the food-and-adventure instincts of the pets. A special pet character in the story is Kitty Bear, the smug cat in the house who keeps an eye on Piggy and Oscar and, at times, acts as a catalyst in their acts of curiosity.

Annie Harmon writes beautiful lines that touch hearts. After For Sarah (2005), The Argument (2013), and The Night Before (2013), Super Piggy is another work of hers that engages the reader deeply and keeps them glued to the book, making it a page-turner. The educational value of this book deserves praise too as kids will learn how animals see life with people and what they may be thinking at times without being able to convey it to their human family. It gives a great perspective on how animals see other animals and humans.

Super Piggy is 222 pages and written for kids age 4 to 6 years but can be enjoyed well by any reader who loves stories of family, pets, and adventure.

ISBN: 978-1947099197

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