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Soap Opera Star Catherine Hickland Faces Heartbreak

On the ABC daytime soap One Life to Live, Catherine Hickland has been both scheming and seducing as the lovely yet loony Lindsay Rappaport for the past decade since arriving in Llanview in 1998. However, she has had more than one live, for she is an actress, a singer, entrepreneur of Cat Cosmetics, humanitarian, radio host, and now author of the book The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure.

Catherine’s career over the past two decades included stints on ABC’s Capitol (1983-87), Loving (1993-95) and spinoff The City (1995-97). She also guest-starred on Law & Order, Criminal Intent, Airwolf, and had a recurring role on Knight Rider as the onscreen love interest of her-then husband David Hasselhoff, whom she was married from 1984-89. But it was her role on One Life to Live as conniving yet compassionate Lindsay Rappaport that she is best known for. Catherine was nominated for two Soap Opera Digest Awards: “Outstanding Female Scene Stealer” in 1999, and “Outstanding Supporting Actress” two years later.

Over the past decade, Lindsay Rappaport has had romantic trials and tribulations with men from both sides of the law in Llanview that included honest police commissioner Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods), good and bad twin doctors Colin and Troy MacIver (Ty Treadway), and longtime friend/partner-in-crime RJ Gannon (Timothy D. Stickney).

Here’s a YouTube video made by a Troy and Lindsay (Trindsay) fan:

I think the reason people can relate to her, Catherine said in the SOAPnet original series Soapography back in 2004, despite the fact that she’s crazy, is that she is a person who is looking for someone to love her. Though different in personalities, Catherine does share something in common with her sexy bad girl alter-ego: they’ve both loved and lost. In 2005, Catherine and All My Children star Michael E. Knight separated after 13 years of marriage; the two have remained good friends.

The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure, which can be order on Amazon, gives men and women advice about moving on with their lives both emotionally and mentally after a bitter breakup in a relationship based on Catherine’s own personal experience. The first chapter can even be found on her website.

Catherine answers your questions in “Relationships 101,” such as the time of “Letting Go”:

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