Night Magic Book Review

‘Night Magic’ raised the stakes of the Wing Slayer novels. I have loved both of the previous novels in this series but this one truly blew me away. I mean her sexy witch hunters will keep your pulse racing and make your keep turning the page in any book but this couple was intense, and the story that went along with them was unlike anything I have ever read before.

I have yet again been brought to tears and not been able to put the book down, thanks to the brilliance that Jennifer puts into words in these novels. I am absolutely in love and obsessed with these books and their delicious characters, as soon as I finish writing this review I am going to start the fourth book in fact.

If you think you have the way the couples go figured out than this book will blindside you, trust me. Ailish Donovan is a blind witch who has trained to be a great boxer due to the fact that she has been tricked into a handfast with the demon Asmodeus. All Ailish ever wanted to do was good and be an earth with and help people. Will our hero Phoenix be able to save her or will she give into the demon and become a demon witch?

There was so much depth to this plot, so many twists and turns that it was such an amazing rollercoaster ride. I was rooting for Ailish and Phoenix throughout the whole book but you really have no idea what truly in store for these two. This one had me completely guessing until the very end and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The Wing Slayer hunters and their witches have truly become some of my favorite characters and I would highly recommend this sexy, action-packed, paranormal romance to anyone looking for a good book to sink their teeth into. A big five stars for sure.

Night Magic: A Wing Slayer Novel

Jennifer Lyon

Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345520068

Publishing Date: March 22, 2011

Genre: Paranormal, Romance