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Life Is a Game Book Review

Jim 014 copy
Jim 014 copy

“The choices we make determine our destiny and whether success or disaster is achieved. We either elevate to greatness or descend to obscurity… The game of life can be played in several ways. Some spend their life chasing dreams. Others spend their life making dreams a reality. Which one will you be?

In life, it is important to use our strengths as assets in achieving our goals. If we focus too much on our weaknesses, we can and will end up average. Focusing on your strengths will allow you to an opportunity to achieve your goals at a faster rate.”

Excerpted from the Forethought (page 9)

If you know anyone in need of a little inspiration to get their act together, then let me suggest Life Is a Game, an easy-to-read motivational piece offering some simple, straightforward and sound suggestions. Although only 64 pages long, this handy how-to treatise could help a lost soul kickstart a floundering career or find a more appropriate one.

Its author, Jim Copeland, who works as a Special Ed Coordinator for the U.S. Department of Justice inside the Federal Prison System in Texas, has a Bachelor’s in Speech Communications as well as a Master’s in Education from Texas A&M. Despite the degrees, Mr. Copeland doles out his worthwhile advice in plain language.

Each chapter heading essentially functions as a bullet-point which he then proceeds to break down in further detail, with ideas ranging from “Establish a Plan” to “Your Success Lies within You” to “What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave?” For example, he summarizes a talk on taking risks with “Sometimes you have to go where no one has gone or do something no one has done to become something no one has been.”

As for exactly what line of work one ought to pursue, the book leaves that up to you to choose. In a section entitled “Fill a Need” he suggests that you “Do a self-inventory of your gifts and talents. Find a need in society for them, and now market them.”

Believe it or not, a lot of folks don’t have the basic common sense they were born with. And it is for such ungrounded, misdirected members of society that Life Is a Game might serve as a blessing.

By Jim Copeland

Living Waters Publishing Company


64 pages

ISBN: 0981453279

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