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Lady Languish Book Review


I thought ‘Lady Languish’ is a rather intriguing story. I believe it is different from the typical reads in the vampire genre. To begin with the writing style is very different than the usual vampire tale that we see in today’s reads but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the writing was done beautifully and I love the way the story is told.

I think the descriptions of the boarding school and the Irish country side was done flawlessly.

Dublin seems to be the perfect setting for this story, it is brilliant.

I just adored this story, I love the characters although I do think Sive turned out to be my favorite, she is just too adorable.

There were a few mistakes, for instance the spelling of a character’s name changed from Ms. Goulding to Ms. Goulder. There were a few other mistakes that I caught but nothing that a quick edit can’t fix.

‘Lady Languish’ is a breath of fresh air in this genre and it was beautifully done, I recommend it.

Lady Languish

S.C.D Goff

Fiction/ Paranormal

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