“Goodlife,” Mississippi’s Hidden Gem: A Soulful Story of Struggle and Celebration Comes to Life

Chapel Hill, NC – A timeless tale of resilience and self-discovery has hit the shelves in the form of “Goodlife, Mississippi.” Written by Eileen Saint Lauren, the book is a fictional account of a young girl’s journey through the complexities of life set in the 1950s and 1960s Deep South.

The protagonist, Mary “Myra” Boone, is wise beyond her years. She is tasked with overcoming unspeakable tragedy, the hovering cloud of racial prejudice, and supernatural religious experiences in the Piney Woods. Through it all, she holds onto her dream of one day meeting Ray Charles Robinson and finding her true calling in life.

Goodlife author, Eileen Saint Lauren
Goodlife author, Eileen Saint Lauren.

Historical Truths in Goodlife

“Goodlife, Mississippi” combines historical truths with elements of magical realism, creating a unique blend of the ordinary and extraordinary. Through Saint Lauren’s writing, readers are taken on a journey through the eyes of a child who transforms her weaknesses into strengths and obstacles into pathways.

The book is well-received by literary critics, with two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Wilbur calling Saint Lauren “an heiress of Eudora Welty” and describing the book as “spritely, comic, and rather wild in a Southern romantic vein.”

The Aim

According to Saint Lauren, her aim with the book is to provoke readers to “contemplate an understanding and tolerance of people whose life experiences and perceptions appear outside the norm though are very real.” She believes that the characters in “Goodlife, Mississippi,” of every color and social class, reflect the message of compassion, forgiveness and love.

The author has also included a study guide to accompany the book, making it a valuable resource for educators and readers alike.

Human Spirit Triumphs Over Division

In a world where division and prejudice are all too prevalent, “Goodlife, Mississippi” serves as a reminder of the power of the human spirit and the importance of embracing diversity. So, anyone looking for a soulful and thought-provoking read should see Goodlife, Mississippi today.

Editor’s Note: “Goodlife, Mississippi” is available at bookstores nationwide and online.

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