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First Quadruped Man Lived a Hundred Years Ago in Turkey


Dr. Uner Tan, discoverer of the Uner Tan Syndrome – which tabled a strong case for reverse evolution in humans – has published a new case report titled “First Quadruped Man Was Found In Turkey A Hundred Years Ago” (26, October 2010) that tells about the first quadruped man living in Turkey about a hundred years ago.

Published on Web Central along with Dr. Burak Koroglu, the case report refers to the photograph, captured by British traveler W. J. Childs, of a quadruped man near the middle Black Sea coast in 1914. This would make it the earliest case of a quadruped man instead of the quadruped family reported by Dr. Tan in 2005.

The man in Childs’ photo is said to have belonged probably to a Greek family, since Havza – the place where the photo was shot – was inhabited mainly by Greek people during the Ottoman Empire.

An interesting link pointing to the possibility of the man having the Uner Tan Syndrome is that Greek people used to live in isolation and practiced interfamilial marriages, and the Uner Tan Syndrome is always associated with consanguineous families.

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