‘Cady and the Birchbark Box’ Wins Michigan’s State History Award

Modern History Press is proud to announce that its title Cady and the Birchbark Box by Ann Dallman has won the 2022 State History Award in the Children & Youth category.

Cady and the Birchbark Box is a novel for children, mainly in the age range 11 to 14 years, telling the story of young Cady Whirlwind Thunder who sets out to solve the mystery behind a weathered journal found inside an old birchbark box. With the voice of wisdom by her grandma and assistance of her ever-present companion, a noisy blue jay, Cady puts together the pieces and ultimately restores the reputation of a deceased elder.

Cady image
Image @ Modern History Press

Cady and the Birchbark Box is the second book in the Cady series of books. Like the first book Cady and the Bear Necklace, it was inspired by a birchbark basket given to the author by a friend. Cady, the protagonist in the series, is a compilation of the many students who passed through Dallman’s classroom during the 15 years she taught on the Hannahville Indian Reservation in Wilson, MI. Dallman says, “My students asked me to write a book for them and about them. The Cady books are the realization of that.”

For the Modern History Press, the Cady series serves two main goals of the press-focusing more locally on issues in its home state of Michigan, and telling the stories of minorities in contemporary society, including Native American women. The series also serves to present stories with lots of positive role models, which is a priority of the press.

The Historical Society of Michigan (HSM) posted among the full list of the books that won the 2022 State History Awards and announced that the winners will receive their awards during the Annual Meeting and Michigan History Conference on September 23-25, 2022, in Albion.

The HSM presents the State History Awards every year to individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the appreciation, collection, preservation and/or promotion of state and local history.