Blood Magic Book Review

‘Blood Magic’ is a powerhouse of a novel. It has every element you could want in a paranormal romance. ‘Blood Magic’ gives a new twist on the world of witches. I have read novels about witches and witchcraft since I was a little girl and never before have I ever seen it done like this.

The story captivated me from the very first page and it just pumped out adventure and adrenaline filled scenes right after the other. Axel and Darcy have such a powerful love story happening that it is hard to turn away from.

Darcy feels like she just wants to lose herself in him and Axel feels the same but he can’t allow the curse and his bloodlust to take over and take her life! The exchanges between those two were so passionate, powerful, and beautifully written.

I am absolutely in love with these characters and I cannot wait to read ‘Soul Magic’ which is the next book in the series.

Darcy had never fit in she always knew she was different but tried to be as normal as possible because her adopted father told her she was evil. Well it turns out Darcy isn’t normal at all she indeed an earth witch and she could possibly be the very most important and powerful one though she has never known it. After a series of confusing and terrifying events she finds herself prisoner in a witch hunter’s house. He has been cursed just like all the other hunters with a terrible bloodlust for witch’s blood but Axel and his men are determined not to go rogue and have dedicated their lives to protecting earth witches and killing rogues. Now Axel has run into a problem his four year old sister, Hannah has been cursed with the death mark and will die soon if they cannot get a earth witch to remove the spell. This is where Darcy comes in; Axel kidnapped her and is depending on her to save Hannah.

Darcy has no idea where to even start considering she didn’t even know she was a witch but after seeing Hannah, she realizes she cannot walk away and let a poor little innocent girl die; she has to at least try. She begins to work on her witchcraft and she and Axel realize that they are in the fight of their lives, in more ways than one.

Axel and Darcy have such a heavy lethal attraction to each other and soon begin to realize they need each other and can help each other more than they ever could have imagined. Besides the story of Darcy and Axel there are plenty of other characters that play their own parts in the story, each one is important and I really love the aspect of that. There is no meaningless character in this book.

It is such a compelling and powerful story, just when you think everything is going to be ok, their world gets flipped upside down again. The whole time I was reading I was just waiting for Axel to take Darcy into his arms and overcome the curse but I never ever saw the ending coming. That is a rare talent, to completely throw the reader off throughout the book. ‘Blood Magic’ was such a captivating, thrilling story, with unforgettable characters that you won’t forget and it will leave you craving the next book. I give it five stars!