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‘Art From A Cowboy’s Point Of View’ Brought to You By RGV + Beyond Arts Magazine

“Art From A Cowboy’s Point Of View” is a syndicated monthly article brought to you by RGV + Beyond Arts Magazine to enhance your intellectual experience and connection of arts to all aspects of living by Cherokee Parks.

Little is known about this reclusive Texas writer. What is known is that he spins an excellent story, that he is a cowboy who still believes in, and lives by, the Code of the West, and that he has traveled the West extensively. Beyond that, he remains a mystery.

“I’m just an old cowboy (Irish and Lakota descent, Texan to the core) who still believes in, and lives by, the Code of the West. Respect women, the law, your country and all it represents. Expect the same from everyone else, and accept no compromise. Speak the truth, and if you can’t, keep your mouth shut. But never be afraid to speak your mind, short of intentionally hurting a friend, unless they need a wake-up call. Give both compliments and criticism sparingly, and only when necessary,” said Cherokee Parks.

“Never give your word if you can’t keep it. Know that you can’t get along with everyone, so don’t even try. Understand that everyone has opinions, and respect those opinions whether they agree with you or not. To paraphrase Voltaire, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” said Cherokee Parks.

RGV + Beyond Arts Magazine provides in-depth profiles to promote the achievements of the Rio Grande Valley’s artists and their contributions to the Valley’s vast group of art lovers. Because we target the human element behind the artists, we provide the best avenue for conveying information to the art community.

“You see, many people out there look down their noses at “cowboys” and their lifestyle. Me, on the other hand, having lived and worked with cowboys from Canada to South America and coast to coast on both continents as well as in Hawaii, can tell you they are the most representative cross-section of race, color, creed and attitude I have ever seen. From Harvard and Yale educated people to those who barely made it past the eighth grade, they share a common thread – a love of the solitary life. For the most part they are loyal, spawning the old saying, “They ride for the brand.” Every one of them is a freethinking, independent, confident and respectful individual. They are also, again for the most part, some of the most talented people I have ever known or had the privilege and pleasure of meeting. It has been an honor to be allowed to associate with each and every one of them,” said Cherokee Parks.

To read the 2013 May issue of “Art From A Cowboy’s Point Of View”.

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