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Al Tukker To Promote His Books

If you love stories on the dark side of the human nature, you must attend this event. Albert Samuel Tukker, the author of The Rage and From the Attic, will promote his latest work, Pole Shift, on November 16, 2008, at Little King in the Old Market, in Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. Tukker promises to answer all the questions and sign his books, which will be sold during the event.

Pole Shift is a gripping story about a man searching for his true self. Like in his other works, Mr. Tukker takes the reader on a journey through the darkest corners of the human soul, which is often surprising, scary, and funny. “I would need to figure out a way to survive the coming weeks,” ends the first chapter, promising a real page-turner.

Attend the event and join the growing number of Mr. Tukker’s fans. One of them, Sarah, gushed about his novels: “I have read two of your publishing’s and have enjoyed both of them (…) I hope you keep up writing in your time available when not working.” Even more touching words came from Trace, commenting on Mr. Tukker’s StoneAge Wizard: “While being a good story the book is also very educational about the benefits of using hemp instead of other resources (…) I look forward to reading Tukker’s next book.”

Mr. Tukker says that writing was his destiny. “Fate or destiny has returned him to the place of his youth, Omaha, Nebraska,” he writes on his official website. “From there his writing has been going slow but steady. Recently, he has been working on his longer works of prose.” Apart from being a gifted writer, Mr. Tukker supports a Polish library started by one of his fans. Mr. Tukker’s talent and good heart have won him fame across the oceans.

Mr. Tukker would love to see everyone who loves good literature at his book-signing event. He will make sure that whoever shows up will be treated as the most special guest. If you happen to be in Omaha this Sunday, do not forget to visit Little King in the Old Market and buy one of Albert Samuel Tukker’s magnificent novels. Good conversation is for free.

For more information on Albert Samuel Tukker, please visit his website: www.albertsamueltukker.com, or send him an e-mail: ASTukker@AlbertSamuelTukker.com. No letter will be left unanswered.

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