Wi-Fi Calling: What it is and How to Enable it

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling is a feature for iOS and Android smartphones which enables users to make and receive calls using a Wi-Fi network instead of a cell carrier signal. It is simple to use because users don’t need a different application, account or log-in to enable the feature. The newer Android &iOS updates include this but user may not be aware that it’s available and it might be turned off.

The feature is especially valuable where cell reception is bad, indoors or in an underground structure. Where cell phone signal boosters are used for improving a carrier level signal, wifi calling is the only option for areas where there is no carrier coverage.

How it works

When user doesn’t have cellular phone network coverage, and user need to make a call, all user need is a Wi-Fi connection on his or her phone to pace a call. User’s text messages also appear the same way in chatt app and call log when using them on a Wi-Fi connection.

How the billing on Wi-Fi calling works

The invoice gets based on the number users are calling or messaging no matter where the Wi-Fi connection gets made. When making domestic calls and messages, user doesn’t have to worry about any additional costs, and there is no effect on the voice call airtime consumption. User should check his or her phone plan and carrier to see if they have any limitations and how the charges relate to their situation. If they are running out of Wi-Fi calling minutes plan, they can opt to use different applications to avoid any additional charges.

Do users need a stable internet connection to use it?

The faster the speed of internet connection the users have, the better the call quality and the quicker their calls or messages will go through. However, according to Media Training, with a bandwidth of 1Mbps, user should be able to make a call. With a slow connection, users will experience their calls dropping at some point, depending on their location relative to the router’s WiFi signal.

How to enable it on individual’s phone

If users are using an iPhone, go to settings (phone) and make sure that their Wi-Fi calling is on, restart his or her iPhone, they can connect to a different Wi-Fi connection as not all Wi-Fi networks support Wi-Fi calling, turn Wi-Fi calling on and off again. Go to settings (General) reset and click on reset network settings.

Where is it in the settings menu?

In iOS, there is a feature you can toggle on or off under the phone settings menu.

For an android phone, go to phone’s wireless and network settings, choose the more or more networks option and find Wi-Fi calling and enable it.

Wi-Fi calling is worth giving a shot whenever user’s experience slow cell signal and are near a WiFi network. If the users keep WiFi calling on all the time their phone will automatically make calls on WiFi networks that they have already joined when they are near them. The quality of the audio is typically high, and it’s perfect if users do not receive a good signal in the area where they live or if their house blocks the cell carrier signal.

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