What are The Features of Kidgy App?

Being a parent today is not an easy job. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to monitor kids’ activities which are why parents are in a state of frenzy all the time. You don’t even want to be one of those pushy parents who are on the tails of their children at all times.

The most potent weapon children have these days is the mobile phone. It has records of everything your child is involved in and everything he or she does all day long. That isn’t entirely bad news since you are also in possession of the phone. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to keep track of what your children are doing.

An app used for this is Kidgy. It is a newly developed and highly efficient app, mainly used for monitoring your child’s activities. Yes, it is a parental control app. But how does this app enable you to keep tabs on your children at all times? Well, it has many features which allow you to do so!

Some of the app’s currently available control features include the following:

Kidgy App

Call Logs

With Kidgy, you can monitor all outgoing and incoming calls on your child’s phone. Along with the ID of the caller, you can also know what the duration of the call was and when it occurred. Even more, you can block any unwanted numbers from making calls to your child’s phone.

Apps Control

You also have the power to determine what apps are installed on your child’s phone. You can get to it right away if you see a suspicious application or something you are not entirely familiar with.

Website History and Bookmarks

With Kidgy, you do not have to worry about all those suspicious websites children are keen to know about. You can easily monitor the web addresses, the history of the site accessed and the bookmarked pages on your child’s phone.

Internet Content Filter

There are many websites you do not want your kid to access but even so they are very easily accessible and so you are always nervous about the child being online. With the help of Kidgy, you can filter the content your kid accesses. The filter can detect keywords such as violence, sex, pregnancy etc. and block the sites with that content so your kid doesn’t get to view it. Basically, all inappropriate content is blocked and any attempt can alert you easily and you can take prompt action.

SMS, MMS, and Instant Messaging

You are also able to read all messages sent to and from the device. This includes messages from Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage etc. This will help you monitor the kind of company your child keeps and nurture him or her.

GPS Location and Geofencing

You can also easily monitor your child’s location and add an unlimited number of forbidden zones which alert you as soon as the child decides to enter.

Address book and Calendar Activities.

Learn about all the contacts in the address book and keep track of any calendar activity.

Other than these, the app has planned some upcoming features to keep up with the times:

Panic Button

The child can easily send an SOS alert to your phone which is how you get all location details immediately.

Speed Limit

The app also sends an alert anytime the child rides a vehicle over the speed limit.

Call Home Button

You can lock your child’s device with this function, enabling him to only call home.

This app gives parents peace of mind to allow their child to be free enough to do what they want, with some assurance they are safe.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.