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Top 5 Reasons Why iPad Loves Costa Rica

costa rica ipad
costa rica ipad

March 7, 2012 was the day Apple launched their 3rd generation iPad called “The New iPad.” This device would once again change the landscape of portable/tablet computing for the foreseeable future.

During the keynote speech by recently appointed CEO Tim Cook – he would demo the device showing off its features. Amidst one of the TV commercials that would be shown at the event – while presenting the new features of iPhoto and iMovie – the device would display some vivid images and movie footage taken in Costa Rica.

Below, we will show you the Top 5 Reasons, not only iPad, but the rest of us, love Costa Rica.

Reason 1:

Volcanoes. What adrenaline pumping adventure seeker doesn’t enjoy a drop-in on an active volcano? And in Costa Rica there are plenty to choose from.

The iPad HD choice of Costa Rica volcanoes was the mighty Arenal.

Arenal volcano is located in the province of Guanacaste and is one of, if not the #1, most popular tourist attraction in the country.

Reason 2:

Flora. If you are an orchid lover or just flat out love flowers and unique flora you’ll likely never see anywhere else in the world, then Costa Rica’s a destination for you.

With 5% of the world’s flora, Costa Rica is famous for its abundant supply of exotic plants and flowers including some of the rarest orchids.

The hibiscus flower is popular around the world however nowhere else do they flourish like in Costa Rica.

iPad lovers will remember when Tim Cook was displaying the power of iPhoto with the new retina display while experimenting on a pink vibrant flower…that’s the hibiscus.

Reason 3:

Beaches. Remember the demonstration of iMovie with the new 1080i video capabilities of the new iPad HD?

The family playing and building sand castles on the beach – this segment was filmed on the world-renowned Playa Conchal in Guanacaste.

Playa Conchal is famous because it is comprised of seashells rather than your traditional sandy beach. Not to mention the turquoise blue waters and secluded setting make Playa Conchal popular for Costa Rica vacations.

Reason 4:

Connectivity. Can you imagine yourself relaxing on a Costa Rican beach while conducting your workflow on your new iPad HD?

Well that’s precisely what was going on during the presentation of the New iPad commercial spot Tim Cook was proudly showing.

Costa Rica is known for its connectivity and widespread connection options for receiving wireless connectivity no matter which beach, jungle or volcano you might at.

Reason 5:

Happiest Place on Earth. Let’s face it…if you’ve got yourself the new iPad then you’re probably feeling pretty overjoyed. Couple that with a visit to the happiest nation on the planet – the two together would be a dream come true.

In 2009, the HPI (Happy Planet Index) ranked Costa Rica as the happiest place on Earth to live. Shortly after that, Costa Rica was voted one of only 5 Blue Zones whereas life expectancy regularly exceeds 100 years.

So clearly when it comes to quality of life, Costa Rica is the numero uno! And you know why iPad Loves Costa Rica

For more information on the benefits of life in Costa Rica, download “Costa Rica – Behind the Curtain”

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