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Photos Leaked: Philips W8510 High Capacity Battery

philips 3300mah w8510 battery
philips 3300mah w8510 battery

Earlier this month, Philips issued a press release for the launch of their first Quad Core Mobile Phone. Then last week, photos of the stylish W8510 smartphone leaked out.

There was talk of the 1.2GHz quad core processor phone being matched up with a new battery with a long stand-by time, something that long-suffering Android users have been crying out for.

A photo of what looks like a 3300mAh super battery has been received. The super battery is apparently now undergoing final testing before release.

Anticipation for the “King of the quad core stand-by mobile phones” has built since the news came out about the first-ever quad core smart phone.

Philips 3300mAh super battery for W8510 mobile smartphone

If the W8510 mobile phone comes powered by this 3300mAh super battery, it will not only be long lasting, but thin, which was apparent from the leaked photos, and probably light too.

The image shows the data cable port, and the integrated inside battery design is what allows the phone body to be thinner. The photo confirms what the Philips Mobile supplier says – that this is the latest high density lithium-ion battery, the secret to Philips’ amazing stand-by performance.

As noted previously, the quad core mobile phone market has fierce competition, but the W8510 is likely to be the standout phone.

Quite a lot of information has been gathered about the Philips W8510 so far. It has a quad-core processor, 4.7″ super HD screen and now, a 3300 mAh inside battery. As we continue tracking the product launch, we hope to discover more details about the phone’s configuration and specifications.

Leaked Philips W8510 Photos

This should again stir up a lot of interest among smart phone fans and users.

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