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Personal Injury Law Firm Turns to Google Glass

In this age of high technology, anything may seem possible. Tech giants are busy planning and developing gadgets and items that will make our lives and work tasks much easier. Believe it or not, even lawsuits and trials are now being transformed in a whole new way by the modern wave of technology.

Take for example a personal injury firm that has found a brilliant way of using Google Glass for its clients and business partners. The Fennemore Craig office in Phoenix has two lawyers visibly seeing the power that this gadget has to perfectly highlight the difficulties faced by their clients who were struck by personal injuries. Lawyers James Goodnow and Marc Lamber have already tried this with a small group being monitored. They want to see if Google Glass can help them have better evidence for the cases.

In the article that published this story, a good example was presented with client Gary Verrazono. The post stated that, “One of the clients using Google Glass is Gary Verrazono, who lost his right arm and leg in a 2012 forklift accident. Verrazono can use Google Glass to email and text his lawyers using voice-to-text technology, to exchange legal documents, and to videoconference with the lawyers using Google Hangouts software. Verrazono also used Google Glass to record a video showing how he experiences challenges in daily living.”

The video feature of the Google Glass gives Gary the ability to record his daily circumstances and struggles after encountering this terrible accident. This gives him better leverage when pressing charges for the responsible party since it shows the damages and hindrance the accident has on his daily activities.

The Google Glass can also help in mock trials, especially in reviewing the focus of a juror. By seeing what and who he’s paying attention to, this can give a lot of clues to the judges and lawyers if there is a hint of hindrance going on.

This shade-like gadget developed by one of the best tech giants, boasts numerous functions that we only thought would be available in a futuristic world. It is packed with so many features and applications that you will be amazed how something so light and small can be so powerful.

With merely gestures, Google Glass will know exactly how you want it to function. You can instantly record a video, take a photo or stream by just giving voice commands on this hands-free device. Video conferences, GPS, traffic updates and many other unbelievable assets have made this a really cool and superb tool that all industries can just find amazing.

This is why even law firms have showed interest on how fascinating this invention can do to support legal cases. Personal injury lawyer Daniel A. Gibalevich has seen firsthand the challenges associated with personal injury accidents and focuses on helping victims of injuries that were likely due another party. With the help of Google Glass worn by his clients in the near future, he says he hopes he can provide even better legal support and counsel to make sure personal injury cases win for the betterment of both parties.

Since the tech giants are not ending their discovery and inventions here, we can expect a total transformation on how legal cases will be handled in the future. Maybe next time even a small earpiece can save you thousands of bucks after an accident or better yet, save a life.

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