New iOS Updates Help Develop a Perfect iOS App

With the introduction of new iOS Software updates, iPhone app development has also undergone some changes. Despite the new enhancements, the basics of successful iPhone app development remain the same. Here are a few tips that developers can use to create a profitable and successful iPhone app.

  • Develop With a Purpose

Most iOS app developers make a common mistake of following market trends without any innovation. For an iOS app to be successful, it is essential to determine its goal of creation first. The goal not only helps to steer in a clear direction but also highlights apps ranking in the market

  • Avoid Complex App Designs

Complex app designs add a lot of nuisance to user operations. It has been observed that apps with simpler user interfaces are more likely to be installed at a greater rate than those with complex designs. Incorporating the latest iOS features into an existing app should not make the app easier, not more difficult to use.

  • Target Audience

The audience of a known marketplace can be targeted in several new ways. Audience uptake determines the success of an iOS app. A sound knowledge of development tactics and audience needs can increase an app’s success chances to manifold.

  • App Optimization

ASO is a modified form of SEO and it is done to optimize an app’s content as well as visuals. App Search Optimization can increase the app’s exposure and attract a larger target audience, resulting in increased success.

  • Flexible Design

High performing iOS apps have a greater success rate than the slow performing ones. Quick app responses, fast processing, and flexibility have been described as the key features for developing an iOS compatible app. Many users will uninstall an app if it has too many bugs and takes too long to respond.

For example, a simple update in Facebook Messenger shifted the activity status control in the profile panel and this resulted in many complaints within a couple of days; pushing the developers to get the control back to its initial place.

  • Test Before Launching

iPhone app development experts say the most important thing to be done before launching an app in the market is to run a test launch. A test launch helps identify frequently occurring bugs and problems that real users face. Developers can then fix these problems before rolling it out to all users.

  • Promotion Strategy

Once an iOS app is developed, most of its chances of success rely on the promotion strategy. The promotion strategy should be modified to keep up with the latest market demands. A solid promotion strategy can bring an app’s ranking from mere scratch to the top of the list. This is the step where developers are encouraged to highlight the benefits of their app and explain how it can be beneficial to the users.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.