LG Announces R590 3D Notebook

3D technology seems to be everywhere these days, from cameras to projects. Manufacturers won’t stop experimenting with this evolving technology. When it comes to notebooks, quite a number of manufacturers have already launched their 3D notebook versions and for those who haven’t, they will soon.

3d Trend


LG’s first 3D notebook is equipped with SRS Tru-Surround HD which will make the 3D experience for consumers even more exciting. Buyers will have a choice of purchasing the laptop with a Blu-Ray drive that can be used to view HD movies in 2D and 3D. LG includes polarized glasses with the R590 3D notebook that won’t tire the eyes when viewing 3D content on the laptop. The glasses come alone, with no batteries or special lenses and they are easy to carry around. LG is all set to launch the R590 3D notebook in Korea this month and will be gradually launched elsewhere in the coming weeks.

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