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IVC Filter Market Expected to Grow Despite Lawsuits

IVC Filter market growth

The implantation of IVC Filters into the inferior vena cava to prevent life-threatening pulmonary by catching blood clots has been accompanied by a high failure rate where the metallic parts of the device perforated through tissue causing pain and risking lives of patients.

This medical device has not had its failures due to infections or allergic reactions that have remained at minimal levels but instead failed to withstand the normal anatomical and physiological loading cycles exerted in the body. Or, at least, this is what patients that sued major IVC Filter manufacturers claim. The device and its metallic parts in most cases where things went wrong perforated through intestines damaging the heart and other vital organs. Patients that suffered complications from the device decided to sue IVC Filter manufacturers, resulting in 7280 currently pending cases in federal court.

Many patients sued two major manufacturers, Bard and Cook Medicals. Lawsuits against Cook Medical are bigger in numbers, 3758 cases as of February 2018. All these cases pending trial seem to have little effect on the future of IVC Filters. Recent market reports claim that sales for the medical device will grow about 20% each year.

Is no surprise that sales of inferior vena cava filters are not expected to plummet. Although there are thousands of lawsuits against manufacturers, the number of resolved cases is scarce and almost all of them are still pending trial. Market forecasts claim that sales will grow by 20% in the developed countries and that this methodology of preventing blood clots in the lungs artery will see growth in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and India. The inferior vena cava filters market was valued at US$502.35 million in 2017 and is expected to reach US$825.02 million by 2023.

The first IVC filter was invented in 1969 by Kazi Mobin-Uddin and since then it has been implanted in more than 1 million patients. More than 50,000 inferior vena cava filters are placed to patients each year in the United States.

Leading vendors in the market are Boston Scientific, Cardinal Health, Cook Medical and C. R. Bard. Other prominent vendors include Argon Medical Devices, Philips Volcano, ALN, B. Braun, Braile Biomédica and VENITI.

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