Impacts of Information Technology on Society

There has been a change in computing and communications in the past several years. These transformations are indications that the use of information technology will continually develop at a rapid pace.

Technologies in information technology have diverse impacts on everything we do. From social to economic, likewise, developments will revolutionize the era. One of the most notable outcomes of development in information technology is e-commerce. In just a matter of time, it is radically changing the way companies are operated.

Nevertheless, here are some impacts of information technology on society this century:

Workplace and work market

Computers and communication technologies have allowed individuals to connect with each other in a more effective manner. The interaction between peers is enhanced and completely transformed the workplace and the work market.

With an ever-increasing rise in computer systems and better interaction innovation, more employees are now able to do much of their work from home. This goes against the concept of the centralized work environment.

However, this can result in negative consequences well. The computer systems now have the capacity to conduct routine jobs like bookkeeping more efficiently compared to humans which might result in a worse unemployment rate. But simultaneously, more new skilled jobs are being produced.


Advances in information technology have had a significant impact on the global education system in the past few years. The concept of traditional training is slowly vanishing. More students are now relying on online means to educate themselves. A larger number of schools have now incorporated smart technologies in their education systems to deliver the concepts more effectively.

The concept of distance learning is expanding at a rapid pace with development in information technology. Text is now integrated with audios and videos and trainees are now able to engage as much effect with their trainers through email and conversation groups. In fact, technology has now become a foundation to deliver education in many countries.

Personal life

There is great web content available on the Internet now. Every now and then we come across technological articles. Digital content is widely accessible. This has resulted in the much easier dissemination of information. On the one hand, easy dispersion of content has allowed information seekers to learn easily and people are getting smarter day by day. On the other hand, the issues of copyright infringement is rapidly increasing. The problem associated with intellectual property is multiplying.

Issues of personal privacy are increasing significantly. Very few people are aware of the possibility for our information to be misused. Even though most of the information is readily available, there is a potential threat to our private life.

The bottom line

We are becoming dependent on technology. Even though it has positively impacted the infrastructure, economy and the society in whole, the effects are really balanced. There is a dark side as well that most people do not yet realize.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.