How to Learn React, The Simple, Effective User Interface Library

React.js is a JavaScript Library. Programmers learn react to create simple and effective user interfaces. React is a very effective JavaScript tool used to design views in an application, rendering such things as search boxes, input forms and lists. react was created by the facebook programming team.

The best style of react course places the entire focus on learning react alone. Here are five important points to note when diving into the training:

Don’t Poke Your Nose in Every Little Thing at Once

It is important to learn all the individual components to effectively and truly master a language. At the same time, give each component sufficient time and attention to master it effectively. The react language is a complete enough system that it can completely make simple user interfaces, without the need for adding Redux, Webpack, or jQuery. The best react tutorials will also give the same advice.

Get Efficient at JavaScript

React is basically a JavaScript component, so a prior knowledge of and proficiency in JavaScript is necessary. It is a prerequisite to learning how to use react. There are many existing courses and textbooks that focus on Javascript. With a knowledge of Javascript, it is relatively easy to start rendering components in react.

Other UI Components

After learning a component like react, it makes sense to incorporate it in any application that contains an interface component. There are other interface developing components, such as angularjS, that have different structures and features. angularjS and react are both frameworks, each with their own benefits. React has increased rendering performance.

React can use JSX files to write views, so JavaScript and HTML can coexist in a single file.

Cloning Parts is Good, Copying Entirely is Bad

Small pieces of code can be coped from other websites, such as headers, sign up forms or literally any UI component. This can be useful for learning how these components work, and how they can be rendered. Some react tutorials recommend copying all of the code from other websites. Generally, this is not a good idea because it does not advance learning. Stick to learning the fundamentals and the basic concepts so you can render components on your own.

Start Small

Almost everyone has big dreams of making the new Facebook, but to make those dreams come true, learn the basics well. Start off by making small apps, with lists and not much complication at first. Try to master the smaller easier components first by using react, then migrate to other components and make an awesome, fully-functional app.