How Is Technology Useful For College Students In 2017?

The supremacy of technology is evident. From individuals to businesses, all are sustained by technology. Increasing reliance has also resulted in evolution of the education system. Education is indispensable to climb the ladder of success and technology has further supplemented the elevation process in multiple ways.

The Internet is a significant product of technology which influenced the education sector in countless ways. But before getting into the nitty-gritty of the impacts of technology on contemporary education, lets go through a few statistics to improve our understanding.

Young adults have a greater tendency than the general populace to go online. A survey was conducted in 2004 with a response of around 4300 students from universities such as Drexel University. The survey covered the use of technology by college students. 95% of the students were below 25 years old. It was reported that 93.4% of the students owned a computer. Personal digital assistants were owned by 11.9% of the students. Furthermore, smartphones were owned by 82%. Regarding Internet access, almost all students had it, with most of them using broadband service.

A recent survey in the United States further assists our comprehension. College students aged 17-24 across the United States responded to a survey regarding usage of applications such as Uber. The results were very interesting. Approximately 78% of the students used Uber on a frequent basis. Spotify, a popular music application was used by almost half. Cell phone usage grew from 35% to 40% for the purposes of education. Around 60% of students surveyed cited Amazon as their top choice for purchases. The use of general cable dropped from 42% to 25%.

These statistics are a clear indication of how technology has been dominant in the past several years and it continues to impart its influence on the world. Even the use of social media is prevalent. Young adults have been using social networking sites like Facebook at a swift rate regardless of their educational attainment. But how is technology been beneficial?

Technology Education

Access to information

An important part of education is acquirement of knowledge. The Internet is the largest source of information. From biology to law and economics to philosophy, the Internet has it all. It does not matter which field you are into, you can have access to massive amounts of information through the Internet. This has led to increasing use of portable gadgets to access the information with ease. Now all the information is at your fingertips.

Along with access to information, we have a variety of gadgets available that have assisted education in diverse ways, the e-reader is one. Recent surveys indicated a shift towards usage of e-readers. Since the introduction of this gadget, fewer people are reading printed books. In fact, some people have never read a complete book in their life. But technology has made them do so through e-readers.

Online Counselling

Career counseling is an important part for college students. We need to have a clear idea about what we want to study and what we want to become. There are many counseling services availing the technology to provide career-oriented advice to their customers. The number of online services increases every year. Technology and the internet have maximized convenience.

Easy Storage and Management

Completing projects is part of college routine. Gone are the days when students used paper notebooks and similar resources to manage their projects. Laptops and gadgets such as USB drives have made our education much more organized.


These were just a few of the benefits. The statistics above along with other advantages clearly show the positive impacts of technology on education. This technology reaches all over the world, and each year, the percentage of world population impacted by technology increases.