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HDFC ERGO launches New AI Enabled Chatbot on Amazon Alexa


In a recent development, India’s third largest private general insurance company announced the introduction of its artificial intelligence enabled Chatbot on Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

According to online media sources, HDFC ERGO launched an integrated AI enabled Chatbot, DIA, with Amazon’s Alexa to provide policyholders with the seamless customer experience and help them reach out to the insurer for insurance related services via the voice interface. This AI enabled Chatbot will provide 24/7 support with quick solutions to queries related to HDFC ERGO insurance products.

The Rising Trend of Chatbot Technology

Earlier this year, Deloitte released a report on the impact of automation and digitization in India. The report revealed that the IoT (Internet of Things) market is likely to reach US$ 9 billion by the year 2020. In fact, India has become a hub for connected devices, over the years.

Industry experts have already predicted that Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot technology is sure to bring a dramatic shift in the Indian insurance industry in 2018. In fact, a report by Grand View Research, the global Chatbot market is likely to reach $1.25 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.3%.

The major reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of Chatbot technology is the fact that today’s well-connected insurance seekers and consumers look for multiple digital touchpoints, seamless customer convenience, and personalized customer experience.

About HDFC ERGO Chatbot Technology

To tap into the fairly large pool of hyper-connected customers, HDFC ERGO’s Artificial Chatbot service has been introduced and it will be delivered via ECHO devices, Amazon’s popular voice interaction platform. This new platform will help HDFC ERGO customers easily access information about the company’s various insurance products using voice commands.

In addition, customers will also be able to locate network hospitals, network garages, and company branches. Furthermore, it will also help insurance-seekers understand the nuances of different products such as HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc.

The Chatbot technology will also help insurance-seekers understand more about the claim and renewal process. In addition, the service can also help policyholders get a copy of their HDFC ERGO Insurance policy delivered to their registered email address.

How to Use HDFC ERGO’s Chatbot Service?

It is easy to use HDFC ERGO’s artificial intelligent Chatbot service. Anyone with Amazon’s Echo device will be able to use HDFC ERGO’s Chatbot Service almost immediately. One can simply download Amazon Alexa Mobile App and then enable the “HDFC ERGO” skill. Once done, they can use DIA by calling out “Alexa, Ask HDFC ERGO!

Over to You!

It will be really interesting to see if HDFC ERGO’s AI enabled Chatbot will adapt and outlast the rest or if it will die a fast death. But one thing is for sure this technology will help simplify things and help HDFC ERGO take its customer experience to the next level.


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