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Galaxy S8 Is Ready To Set The Market On Fire – Everything You Need To Know

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It was on March, 29th that Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 and S8+; and these 2 flagship phones have already won the hearts of the tech media throughout the globe. There are many who have been criticizing the decision of Samsung to stick with the single camera module and having 4GB of RAM. But there are more die-hard Samsung fans in favor of the brand than against, who feel that Samsung S8 has got better features this time.

As far as Samsung S8 is concerned, there are numerous alluring features like the wireless charging, immersive display, attractive design and the list goes on. If you’re dying to know the most impressive reasons to get an S8 for yourself, here are some that you may consider.

  • Invisible Home Button

In case you haven’t already taken a very close view of this phone, you’d probably be searching for the traditional home button usually seen on Samsung phones. You might be wondering to yourself, “if the display is consuming all the area and the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back, then where did the freaking home button disappear to?” To stand out of the crowd, Samsung embedded a pressure-sensitive sensor just under the display. You will get a vibrating response which gives you the feeling of pressing some physical button.

  • Bixby Virtual Assistant is actually useful

Bixby is not going to be a failure like S-voice and this time it seems that the manufacturer has learnt from his mistake. Bixby is entirely based on an altogether different concept when you compare it to Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Bixby works as your helping hand for all your in-phone actions. It has the power to understand what you’re doing with your smartphone and which apps are being used the most.

  • Fingerprint, facial recognition and IRIS scanner enhances security

Like any other Android smartphone, the Galaxy S8 has fairly basic security features like fingerprint, PIN, and passcodes. But this time they have taken it to another level with the IRIS scanner. IRIS scanners are going to be the future of smartphone security. Microsoft introduced the feature in their Lumia 950 and 950 XL but it didn’t perform well. Moreover, the new facial recognition feature is also being considered as gimmicky.

  • Samsung Pay in India

First of all, it’s nothing new when it comes to mobile payment options. But when it comes to India, Samsung Pay is one of those first services to hit Indian shores. With the sudden adoption of digital payment in India, Samsung Pay will be adopted very early in the coming years. Samsung smartphone users can pay for their transactions just waving the smartphone near a POS machine. This can help them do away with the use of car and keeps your payment information a top-secret.

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