Five Tips for Growing Tech Managers

Successful management is the key to success of any organization. The reason some institutions fail is that their administration is not up to the mark. In IT companies, tech managers must balance their technical skills with management skills for efficient and effective running.

Despite obstacles, many tech companies build effective management teams. The managers might have resorted to tech-resources like articles and magazines to balance both aspects. Here are some tips for growing tech managers for a successful business operation:

  • Formalize management development processes

A new tech company might not have structured procedures for training to develop managers. Experienced investors know it is essential to install formalized management and leadership development. Companies must place some focus on this aspect to attain more skilled management. Formalizing management and leadership development allows tech managers to progress their leadership skills as well as expanding their technical expertise.

  • Emphasize leadership and mentoring skills

In general techies are best at the technical aspects of their work. Once promoted to managerial positions, they must learn or improve leadership and mentoring skills. Managers need a range of soft skills to help them lead their team. This can be done by utilizing tech resources that help managers to learn mentoring skills.

  • Cultivating community

Regardless of the kind of team being managed, the team members are all human, with human needs and failings. Whether the new manager is working with a tech team or the HR department, community is an important aspect. New managers will face challenges they haven’t encountered before, and creating a community, while not easy, can help. To work together, employees must understand that others have different needs and being part of a community can help improve relationships.

There is a big difference between a leader and a dictator, and this is an important distinction that formal training will define for the new manager. An effective tech manager understands how to apply leadership and knows making decisions is not dictatorship.

  • Do not overcompensate management

There is no need to create a system where technical staff must become managers to grow their careers. Managers generally have higher salaries than their staff, due to their expanded responsibilities, but it isn’t always the case. The new manager must understand their role is to help the technical staff to fully contribute to the team and the company. A good tech manager will ensure the technical team is valued and paid well.

  • Reward problem solving

People with technical abilities are generally good at problem-solving. Tech managers have a responsibility to figure out how to give staff challenging problems and help them to solve those problems. Assuming staff are compensated appropriately, it is essential to appreciate and reward staff in small, meaningful ways, which ultimately leads to more productivity.

These tips can help new tech managers perform better in their new job. In addition, here are some tech articles to get a better idea of the field.

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.