First Radar Detection System for Connected Cars Revealed by ESCORT

ESCORT announces the world’s first radar and laser detection system for cars. The ESCORT MAX 360c is designed for “connected cars” and comes with built-in Wi-Fi. The system updates through the connection to alert drivers of ticket threats in real-time.

The radar system made its debut at CES between January 7 and January 9.

ESCORT Live, the company’s exclusive network allows for real-time protection when driving. Alerts and reports from other users in the area help keep the system updated and gives drivers complete access to local speed limit and ticket data. Over-speed alerts are also provided.

Drivers that do not have connected cars can connect the system to their smartphone using Bluetooth. The connection, which will use mobile data, will then provide the user with complete ESCORT LIVE features and functions.

The unit will continue to search for a Wi-Fi connection. When the connection is found, the detector will update to the latest firmware and software without ever needing to remove the radar system from the vehicle.

ESCORT, a company that has the best radar detector reviews, created the MAX 360x with a sleeker design and LED arrows that illuminate to tell the driver of the potential threat ahead. The arrows will indicate the direction of the threat, too.

Updated arrow placement improves the driver’s view, reducing distraction caused by earlier models.

Threat type and strength are also signaled with the use of multi-color OLED. The unit provides drivers with the vehicle speed, too, allowing the driver to make the proper correction to their driving to lower the risk of a ticket.

Dual antennas allow for front and rear threat detection.

The top of the 360c includes precision controls for volume and sensitivity. Users can also opt to mute the unit.

Mounting is provided through the unit’s EZ Mag Mount, which uses magnets to mount the system to the vehicle. The mounting system allows for quick attachment and releasing with magnetic touch sensitivity. Magnetism connection eliminates the risk of the unit dismounting during driving and eliminates bouncing, which is known to impact radar readings.

An IVT Filter automatically updates to reduce the risk of false alerts. The filter works to remove potential false threats that are caused by collision avoidance systems and some cruise control options.

ESCORT offers SmartCord USB technology that allows for quick charging of the unit. The cord also comes with an alert LED, mute button and power LED display. The unit comes with dual language capability, with both English and Spanish available. Text and voice features are available in both languages.

“With the ESCORT MAX 360c we created the first detection system designed for the connected car and most dynamic, real-time radar / laser detection system we have ever done,” states Dave Smidebush, VP and GM, Radar Category for Cedar Electronics.

Cedar Electronics, the parent company of ESCORT, explains that every major car manufacturer plans to offer connected car options in the future. The company plans to offer their new radar and laser detection system in mid-November.

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