First Library in the World Specially for Blockchain and Crypto

Today, Crypto Chain University, announced its official launch, making it the world’s first research institute for compiling cryptocurrency and blockchain research paper. The University sets to lead as a research-only institute, focused on the public policy issues facing blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized computing technologies like the Bitcoin.

The official URL of Crypto Chain University is ☓.com, registered on 3 February 2005; previously used as the founder’s personal website blog.

The university, is currently does not have any courses, or programmes, nor offers any certification, it serves as a research-only institute, acting as a library, providing one of the oldest and largest Crypto and Blockchain institutional academic archives and repository in the world.

First Library in the World Specially for Blockchain and Crypto 1

“Embracing the theory of decentralization, the University, was founded with the purpose of developing a free, open-source resource made available for all,” said Herbert Sim, Founder of Crypto Chain University. “With the knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain made freely accessible, it will be easier for investors to differentiate serious crypto projects from scams.”

Herbert continued to share with NewsBlaze, that Crypto Chain University will be run as a non-profit, that the University seeks to raise capital to run the operations, to create awareness for both Blockchain and Crypto, acting as a charity with benefits to the public.

At the moment, Herbert is currently self-funding the University, to drive the Cypherpunk vision of decentralization, to make the knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain free and available for all.

Herbert continued to share exclusively with NewsBlaze that his passion for decentralization stemmed from reading ‘The Cyphernomicon’ written by Timothy C. May in 1994, and ‘The Cypherpunk Manifesto’ by Eric Hughes in 1993.

The university’s arms, designed himself – a shield with the symbols of a bull, a bear, and a book, embossed on it. It was conceptualized referencing the Harvard University’s Veritas Logo.

The bull symbolizes bullish, and the bear symbolizes bearish, characterized by rising share prices. And the book above both represents the pursuit of knowledge, of both Crypto and Blockchain. The book is opened, representing knowledge made available, free for all.

These three symbols are all encompassed within one united shield symbolizing the latin word “fiducia” (“confidence,” “trust,” “assurance,” “faith,” “reliance,” and “security”), and the securing of the latin word “scientia” (“knowledge,” “science,” “skill,” “expertness,” “awareness,” and “acquaintance”).

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