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Conversational AI Could Be Coming Soon to the Service Desk

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Despite the presence of help desk, chat support, toll-free lines, and customer portals, experts believe that businesses are still in the dark ages in terms of Information Technology. For instance, resetting a password may still require customer support to open a ticket and there may be a wait for a ticket update. Troubleshooting an application could still take forever to be resolved and you may end up wasting time in fighting with the support desk while feeling angry and frustrated.

IT Service Desk

When service desks were first incorporated in the workplace, they went from being an innovation to an expensive distraction. Budget-constrained companies believe that service desks are expensive necessities instead of a core service. As a result, they turned to outsourcing and other options that could reduce the cost and streamline service desks.

Yet, it has been found that service desk costs continue to increase despite these cost-saving options. A typical helpdesk ticketing system has become under-loaded and underfunded and this is proven by statistics.

conversational AI

Automating the Mundane

To address repetitive service requests, AI-driven virtual assistants were built. They have various functionalities including resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, and the most complex of all, troubleshooting tasks. This has helped free up the service agent’s tasks so they can instead devote their time to higher-level tasks. For this reason, the virtual assistant no longer needs to work overtime and there is less need to work on weekends. With this system in place, bringing in new headcount just to add more servers is no longer necessary.

Over the last few years, several companies are recognizing automation through virtual assistants to be a more viable option leading to an outburst of interest for this new technology. Some of the bigger enterprises are deploying virtual assistants globally and have made them available in different languages and varying configurations.

Transforming the User Experience

With the advances in AI technology, users can now chat, talk, or send a query at any time. The virtual assistant that uses AI technology can then initiate and engage with the customer to resolve most problems. These conversational AI technologies have certainly initiated a new transformation in the way humans interact with computers. This is highly evident in the deployment of such technology to a humble customer service desk.

Despite the revolution of consumer-oriented voice and assistants that can do tasks like switching house lights and ordering room service, large enterprises are still in the process of differently navigating this paradigm internally.

Enterprises Are Now Hiring More Virtual Assistants

Conversational AI technology has gained tremendous support recently thanks to its applicability to various types of issues, including the most practical problems like help desk’s inability to deliver the promise of improving the customer’s user experience and helping the company save money.

Although some people are wary of the idea of using conversational AI to do jobs that are usually assigned humans, the concept is a worthy one that must be addressed quickly. As the technology boom continues, the world will see many new developments happening.

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