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Cogheads Gather in San Francisco for Web 2.0 Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The next stage in the “Webware Revolution,” Coghead is a 100% custom web-based application that was founded in May 2003 and funded by El Dorado Ventures. The staff of industry veterans, serial entrepreneurs, include several experts in software.

The company’s main product is “designed to create applications for tech business savvies,” states Sarah, one of the Cogheads at the Moscone Center. She also said Coghead handles the automation with simple business flow, and companies benefit from this by being more proficient in business processing.

Several applications include Simple CRM (Sales and Custom Management), in which people can manage their pipeline with leads, opportunities, and be able to configure quotes to directly send to their customers as well as managing approvals on discounts. “Coghead,” said Christopher Shockey, lead developer at Hekademia Consulting, “has a sophiscated development platform that enables me to create custom, online applications, and the new Gallery gives me the marketing and subscription-management resources I need to run a successful ‘Software as a Service’ business.”

Coghead has a community that allows developers to share technical ideas, learn and increase their skills, or contribute to the application gallery. The service provided can help users that have a business challenge to develop customized solutions in just a few days – even hours – at a fraction of the cost of large packaged applications or custom development projects.

“[Coghead will be],” Sara said, “enabling people to access business applications with Internet connections and browsers to collaborate with coworkers and friends – to have the custom business logic added into your applications without any probing.”

For more, check out http://coghead.com.

This story is one of many we heard while attending the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. see Web 2.0

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