What’s the Best Way to Speed up My Broadband Connection?

There is nothing more frustrating when you are streaming films or music, or when you are trying to enjoy online games and video chats that there are glitches and interruptions with your broadband connection.

In most cases, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – that is, the company you pay for your broadband – will offer an ‘up to’ broadband speed. This is ‘best case scenario’ with only around 10% of users actually getting that speed, even though providers have been promising for years that we would all be benefiting from super-fast broadband.

To get a faster connection try these tips;

  • Vary the time of day – if you play online games at midnight, you are likely to have a faster connection than if you play at mid-day. This is because there are more people contending for broadband width at mid-day than at midnight. Even though we live in a digital age and can tweet from space, the more people using the broadband near you, the less likely you are to have super-fast broadband.
  • Temporary service interruptions – if the speed of your connection seems to vary, check the ISP website. You may find that there are temporary service interruptions whilst they perform maintenance and repairs. Harsh weather could be interrupting the signal too.
  • Download large files off-peak – it’s annoying that the film you are downloading from a legal site is taking so long and your date is due any minute. Between 7 pm and 11 pm, the world and her husband are checking their Facebook and other essential online activities resulting in metered broadband width. Try downloading big files, whether that is films or other data-rich files, off-peak and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how super-fast downloading is at 2 am (PS you can automatically set this to happen, no need to set your alarm).
  • Check your wiring – is your router connected to your main telephone socket? If there is a web of tangled extension wires and ancillary telephone sockets you are effectively diluting your broadband connection. Compare wires to a sieve with many holes – the more wires, the more holes the more water is dispersed and pours out. With just one hole or one wire, all that broadband in concentrated in one place.
  • Change your web browser – the digital world moves so fast it can be hard for us mere mortals to keep up. We all have a favoured web browser and there is nothing wrong with loyalty but is it the latest version? Stop ignoring that annoying pop-up that tells you to update to the latest browser because you could be slowing down your broadband connection.
  • Cache-clogging – make it as regular as dusting your keyboard because all that data stored in your web browser cache could be slowing your broadband experience and no one likes buffering at a key point in a film so unclog your cache by deleting browsing history. This is especially important if you’re a regular player of HD games such as Wild Antics, stream your favourite shows, or listen to a music on YouTube. The more often you browse, the more often you need to clear your cache.
  • Update your hardware – those new types of cables may be pricey but there is a reason you need them: better and faster communication between your hardware and the data you are asking it to stream via broadband. If you haven’t updated your cabling or hardware recently, now is the time.

If your connection is still slow after you have tried all this, it may be time to call in a technical expert.

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