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Apple Updates Voice Memos in iOS 12 and Adds It to MacOS Mojave

voice memos ios 12
Voice Memos ios 12

Apple has recently made several changes to its Voice Memos app. In the new version of iOS 12 the app received a significant update to its features and interface, and Apple has added the app to MacOS Mojave as well with feature parity across both versions.

Coupled with the iCloud support in the updated Voice Memos, users will now be able to keep recordings synchronized across iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac computers. The app’s new features expand its ability to be used as a tool to not just record short audio snippets as memos, but also interviews, song ideas, and more.

The original Voice Memos app has been pending an update for some time, seeing as it has remained unchanged since it debuted in 2009 on what was then the iPhone OS 3.0. While it is still often used to record short audio snippets, its popularity has waned over the years as users have preferred other apps that have more features.

Voice Memos ios 12

In iOS 12, Apple has taken a big step towards propelling Voice Memos and making it more relevant once more. The updated version of the app includes a slew of new settings, and features to both record and edit audio.

The most notable new setting in Voice Memos is the option to select the audio quality. Users can opt between the ‘Compressed’ audio quality that is the default, or ‘Lossless’ if recording music or interviews that would benefit from a higher audio quality. The lossless audio files will be larger, but will be stored on iCloud rather than taking up valuable storage space.

The Voice Memos settings will also include an option to select the duration that recordings remain in the trash bin before being permanently deleted. The naming conventions for recordings can also be switched between location-based and numbered filenames.

When recording audio, users will now be able to pause at any point, scroll the waveform of the audio that has been recorded, and replace any sections by recording over it. The tools are visible immediately when a recording begins in the iPad and MacOS versions of Voice Memos, but will require users to swipe up on iPhones to reveal them.

Audio that has been recorded and saved can be viewed and selected then played within the Voice Memos app itself. Several new editing options will be available to users allowing them to both trim out unwanted parts of a recording or replace segments by recording over it.

On some versions of the Voice Memos app there is a tool to insert audio by recording additional audio to be placed into an existing memo without actually recording over segments. While it can’t be used as a MP3 joiner, it is a useful tool to have but there is no word as to whether it will be universally available eventually.

It should be noted that the updated Voice Memos app supports 3D Touch as well, and using it on the icon will allow users to start recording immediately or playback one of the recent recordings.

Overall the changes Apple has made to the Voice Memos app are certainly well-received and expand its use tremendously. Additionally Apple has integrated it with their GarageBand app so users can import recordings into it directly to use in their audio productions.

The improvements make Voice Memos a far more viable option for professional-use than it was in the past. As of right now there is no official word whether or not Apple has further plans for the app, but some users hope for improvements that allow the recordings to be managed and sorted more effectively.

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