A List of Top Social Networking Sites for Absolute Beginners

Social networking has become a more and more important way to connect with people. But the social networking playing field is not level. For absolute beginners, the world of social networking can be daunting and overwhelming. Todd Kelsey, author of Social Networking Spaces:

From Facebook to Twitter and Everything In Between, has written a complete how-to guide with step-by-step instructions for beginners to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you can do in today’s social networks.

Social Networking Spaces is for anyone wondering how social networking works and how to use it to stay in touch, make friends and business contacts, and build an online presence.

Here is a brief list of growing and popular social networking sites:

Facebook – www.facebook.com

Twitter – www.twitter.com

Blogger – www.blogger.com

Flickr – www.flickr.com

YouTube – www.youtube.com

Ning – www.ning.com

Second Life – www.secondlife.com

MySpace – www.myspace.com

Meetup – www.meetup.com

About Social Networking Spaces:

From Facebook to Twitter and Everything In Between Social Networking Spaces: From Facebook to Twitter and Everything In Between covers the major social networking sites, and presents some of the ways people are enjoying them within a family or business context. It includes information on posting pictures, using add-ons, and working with Facebook and LinkedIn groups. It also covers the phenomenon of Twitter, including how it has grown and the road ahead.

About the Author

Todd Kelsey is the founder of Communications for the World, a Chicago-based think tank. An aspiring sunflower farmer and digital archaeologist, he looks forward to hearing from people who want to change the world.

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