6 Best iPhone Apps Everyone Should Install

Owning an iPhone has a prestige of its own that is unparalleled. It is a super cell phone that boasts incredible performance in every department ranging from speed to quality of service. The Apple Store allows access to incredible applications, that complete the iPhone experience. Six very popular favorites are highlighted below.


It is hard to operate multiple different accounts using unique passwords because it is simply inconvenient to remember multiple complex passwords all at once. 1Password allows you to keep a track of all your passwords as long as you remember the master password to access the app.

It features the generation of complex unique passwords that make it extremely difficult for potential hackers to threaten your personal space. This makes 1Password an excellent security app.


There is no faster option to explore the World Wide Web than using the number one browser: Chrome. Chrome is excellent in terms of its performance, particularly in iPhones and the services cost absolutely nothing. Some people say it should take priority for installation, but others worry about what it tells google.


This is the most recommended application for iPhone spy without jailbreak simply because of the excellent features it offers to someone anxious to keep track of another’s life. Obtaining the Apple ID under which the phone is registered can help you gain access to information about the target user ranging from his/her cellular text messages to his/her life in social media. There is a worry about these features being unethical but this is an official Apple application that works well for parents and caregivers.


This application has taken the world of Apple device users by storm because it allows you to chat with your friends and loved ones all over the world. It is as if you were there with them with access to all their crazy imaginations ever thought of. Snapchat is a regularly updated app which has incredible live filters and a privacy setting. It brings you alive in the social world as if it was just a mirror reflection of your real world!


If music is your escape from all the problems and issues going on in your world, look no further than Spotify. This application allows access to music from all generations and music groups ever created. It even maintains a record of the music you listen to and recommends songs on the basis of the genre you have shown interest in while surfing on the application. Spotify also has excellent loading speed and a very user-friendly interface.


Prisma is an app for imaginative minds who like to create very detailed three-dimensional images of the events and moments in their lives. The application is very famous because of the perfect depiction of a face as a three-dimensional character. It was one of the highest rated applications used by cell phone users all over the world, particularly iPhone users.

All of these apps are useful and easy to use, and they are a great way to stay occupied!

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.