The Five Best PDAs in 2017


A Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) can be defined as your most punctual secretary, who will never ask for an untimely day off and will never forget or wrongly schedule your meetings. A human cannot be trained as perfectly as a device can be designed, so for people ranging from fields of entrepreneurship in big firms to small and medium industries, a PDA can be an exceptional device to help in work.

The Best PDA is a relative term because for different people there are different PDAs which can be the most suitable. This list will focus on those that have the best general properties and have attracted the most users worldwide.

One of the five best PDAs in 2017

HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise

This top pick comes with a 4-inch touchscreen and a pre-installed Windows Mobile 6 Operating System. This is the premier convenient PDA because it allows you to stay in top form simply because you can organize your personal and professional life on a single device. The operating system installed has a very user-friendly interface and the durability of the product is high with a great life span.

The only problem that has been reported by users is of the speakers. Sometimes the front and back speakers cannot work together, which seems to cause some difficulties. Other than this issue, this product definitely comes out on top.

Palm TX 1047NA

This device has a very stylish look mainly because it is quite sleek and slim. It offers an incredible flash memory of 128 MB and a big screen to perform your everyday tasks. The PDA has good categorization and can be used as a multipurpose device for work and regular life at home.

The model is perfect for professionals because it can be used for many purposes including sending and receiving Emails, staying connected through WiFi etc. However, some people have expressed concern that the power cable is not of a very good quality.

Dell Axim X51

The performance of this excellent device usually takes pride in its excellent internet connectivity. The design is very smart and the VGA display is extraordinary, which allows you instant access and convenience in managing your records and to plan the day ahead of you.

You do need to download Windows Mobile Device Centre to make use of all features available.

Sony Clie PEG-UX50 Handheld

This is a very lightweight and convenient device with a generous display. It uses the conventional QWERTY keypad but it offers excellent connectivity and durability and is quite fast in performance, which makes this device excellent as a PDA.

One issue reported is that the device may look a little-outdated relative to its counterparts.

Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA

This was a brand that used to almost hold monopoly power among PDA producers but was impacted by the introduction of new entrants. Regardless, this classic design with a great battery life takes a spot in this list because of its excellent durability.