The Queer World of Fashion Featuring Daddy Couture

Daddy Couture has no qualms about its identity and is gaining attention. The brand unapologetically caters to the LGBTQ demographic worldwide. Their shirts, hoodies, and underwear are building a strong following. The idea behind the brand name is that anyone can be a daddy, independent of age, gender or sexual orientation, and this thought leadership reflects boldly in their product line.

Celebrity Ambassadors

Influencers Chris Crocker and Tiffany Pollard model the line on Instagram and often represent the brand. This has contributed to Daddy’s growth and spawned an active online community.

Daddy Couture’s “Extra”

Daddy Couture is based in gay-friendly city of New York, NY. The large gay population provide a testing ground for what will and won’t work in the market, and helps the brand figure out what their target demographic is looking for in clothing defined as “extra.”

Since Daddy Couture launched in May 2018, its team of queer designers, fashion figures and content creators has collected 14,000 Instagram followers. This community is active and brand-centric. Customers often post pics of themselves wearing Daddy Couture line. This dramatically increases brand awareness and sales.

The company cultivates its presence on Instagram by carefully choosing photos edited for artistic appeal. This results in a fun, sexy page that lives up the brand’s ” extra” motto. This has helped Daddy grow its market within a specific niche.

Carefully Coordinated Launches

Queer icon personalities collaborate when the company launches new products. Some participate in the creative process. Photoshoots document the partnership with interesting information and sidebars that spark interest and promote the product before it’s even available.

The company ships internationally, so it’s accessible to gay communities around the globe, not just progressive areas on America’s East and West Coasts. Browsing through Daddy’s online store reveals a diverse product offering. Numerous orders land in Asian and European destinations, not just Daddy Couture’s progressive home countries in Australia and the U.S.

What’s Next?

With wit, unabashed zeal and a slew of celebrity endorsements, Daddy Couture has unleashed the extra and encouraged many people to do the same. The overlooked LGBTQ niche is often overlooked by better-known brands, but that’s just part of the reason this dynamic brand resonates with its underrepresented target market.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.