Getting the Most Out of Customer Relationships: A Conversation about Salesforce CRM with Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari

Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari is a 9x Certified Salesforce Expert. His range of theoretical and practical knowledge catches the eye, and so here is a chat about his experience with Salesforce CRM. This conversation didn’t disappoint-Rohit gave out some great insights to share. Here is an edited summary of his responses to some key questions. This is very useful information.

What is the understanding of what Salesforce CRM is, and how would someone explain it to somebody who’s never heard of it?

Salesforce CRM is the world-leading customer relationship management platform. Most companies, at least when they start out, have humans doing most of the work of responding to customer queries, entering and tracking information in databases, and so forth.

With Salesforce CRM, instead of relying solely on human staff to respond to customer queries, businesses can handle the initial customer contact through specially-designed apps. Then, live humans like IT experts or engineers only need to get involved at later stages if the apps aren’t able to handle the problem.

Since the apps can resolve the majority of common customer questions, Salesforce CRM reduces the number of people a company needs to hire for its customer service department, which boosts the employer’s bottom line.

Why do businesses need a strong customer relationship management platform like Salesforce CRM?

This is just a part of how the world does business now. Customers expect round-the-clock accessibility from businesses, especially when they’ve paid for expensive products.

Technology has made it easier for consumers and industry to communicate directly with each other, which improves the like-know-trust aspect of business relationships. That also means that businesses who can’t or won’t communicate directly and quickly with customers get hit hard with negative customer reviews.

When a business can provide easier, faster, quicker, and more transparent communication with its customers, the customers are more likely to choose that business. It’s simply a good strategic decision.

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What roles can a Salesforce CRM expert play as part of a business team?

A Salesforce CRM expert is a key part of any business team and offers an invaluable perspective. In some cases, that perspective is more important than that of a COO, who tends to have a 30,000-foot perspective. In contrast, the Salesforce CRM expert has regular, hands-on contact with the platform and sees how it actually works on a daily basis.

The Salesforce CRM expert needs to focus on keeping customers satisfied but also needs to actively manage the CRM platforms. That’s a combination of soft and hard skills that isn’t easy to find. Doing the job well requires the Salesforce CRM expert to understand psychology, marketing, programming, problem-solving, and more, and all of that information helps the Salesforce CRM expert to guide the business team more effectively.

How does Salesforce CRM benefit customers?

Customers are the foundation of building any business. Without them, your business is worthless. When your customers are happy, though, the business automatically scales up. Salesforce CRM makes it easy to keep customers satisfied with quick responses, instant problem-solving abilities, and automated follow-up related to the customer’s query.

Customers who receive quick, helpful answers to their questions are more likely to do business with that company again and recommend it to others. It also makes the customer’s life easier because they don’t have to wait around for an answer or sit on the phone on hold.

Can you share a little more about the apps related to the Salesforce platforms?

The great thing about Salesforce CRM is its customization options. There is an app for every business need, and businesses can pick and choose among them. Once they’ve chosen the apps, businesses install them on their platforms as they need them.

Some of the most common apps that businesses use are Apttus, Podio, Google Contacts, Nutshell, and HubSpot CRM, but there really is an app for just about every customer relationship management need. Salesforce CRM categorizes the apps by their purposes so that it’s easy to find the right app to fit a business’s needs.

How can an aspiring Salesforce CRM expert gain the knowledge and skills they need to do the job well?

There really is nothing better than the on-site learning experience for picking up the skills you’ll need. Being a Salesforce CRM expert requires a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, and the only way to get the practical knowledge is to do the job and learn as you go.

There are lots of resources for learning the theoretical part, though, and you can Learn Salesforce Online from experts who mentor and guide you. Those programs will generally take you through on-site work, new technologies, forecasted developments and changes in the Salesforce CRM market, and other related topics.

You can also learn a lot through blogs, videos, and forums. A lot of people in the community are happy to share their knowledge and pay forward the support and mentorship they’ve received from others.

How would a company look to grow to an annual $30 billion revenue benefit from Salesforce CRM?

Every business is different, and so every business has its own way of implementing and using the Salesforce CRM platform. That makes it hard to point to a single business with an annual $30 billion revenue and tell others to just copy what they did.

To grow a business to that size, management needs to plan strategically with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Part of that planning involves understanding the importance of the client-business relationship, fostering the communication that sustains that relationship, and encouraging growth through good customer reviews.

Since customers are the basis of any business, it’s impossible to overstate how important it is to get them in the door and keep them happy. No matter how big or small a business is, that’s still true. Salesforce CRM is essential to maintaining that relationship because it’s the first line of communication when a customer reaches out to a business.

How can small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from Salesforce CRM?

Everybody looks at the massive industry titans and thinks they are the most important players in the business world, but that’s not necessarily true. The world is dominated by small and medium-sized businesses, and they all need help with their day-to-day operations issues.

It should be every digital marketer’s main goal to take good care of these small and medium-sized businesses because that’s where the opportunities really are nowadays. It’s also a really satisfying working relationship because you get to know your client better than when you’re working for a multi-national corporation.

When you work for a small or medium-sized business, you know that you’re communicating regularly with the ultimate decision-makers and that your ideas don’t have to go through five levels of approval before they get implemented.

The flip side of that coin is that customers also expect a similar level of quick communication, even though small and medium-sized businesses usually don’t have the staff to have round-the-clock customer service.

That makes a platform like Salesforce CRM absolutely essential for them, and a good Salesforce CRM engineer is an essential part of that team. It gives businesses the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers, without having to hire additional staff, and that will, in turn, lead to the kinds of customer relationships that will grow their business quickly.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari, a true expert in Salesforce CRM. We are grateful he took the time out of his day to share the knowledge he’s gained through hard work and intense study.

Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari is based out of San Jose, CA, where he has eight years of experience working in Salesforce CRM and is a 9x Certified Salesforce Expert. He blogs regularly about Salesforce CRM because he wants to give back to the community and share the knowledge he’s gained. You can find his blog at, where he regularly shares tips, tricks, insider perspectives, and more. Thank you for your time, Rohit!

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