Top 5 Myths About the Recruiting Industry

The recruiting industry is a gold mine for job seekers as well as hiring teams. Despite the crucial role played by recruiting agencies in job hiring, myths about recruiters are prevalent among candidates who connect with this industry. It may be use of the term “headhunters” associated with the industry which intimidates applicants, causing them to assume things that are not true. Considering the great importance of the recruiters in the process of job hiring, it is important to identify and break the myths in the minds of applicants. Check out some of the great recruiting services from

Some of the myths associated with the recruiting industry include:

Recruiters will not look at my CV:

New job seekers are often crushed by the thought of being overlooked by the organization in search of better candidates. There is no doubt that market competition is on the rise and more refined candidates are forwarding their CVs for a single job post. It is also true that organizations receive hundreds of CVs within one day of posting a job.

Given this, some applicants lose all hope of being considered by organizations by believing that recruiters will find better candidates. However, as true and sensible it may seem, all of it is just a myth. Recruiters use screening software through which each and every CV is reviewed to evaluate each applicant’s skill set and personality.

Recruiters are paid my salary:

It is true that recruiters are paid a percentage of first-year salaries after placement of candidates. But it is not at all true that the fees are deducted from their salary. Hiring companies are responsible for paying the recruiters by percentage of the hired employee. It means that recruiters do receive fees equivalent to a percentage of salary but it is completely false that recruiters are paid by deducting their fees from the first year’s salary after placement.

Recruiters work for me to find job/career counseling:

This is one of the most prevalent myths in the recruiters industry. Candidates think that the recruiters are hired to find them a job which is not true at all. Instead, Companies hire recruitment agencies to speed up the recruiting process. The agencies are not at all about finding job and career counseling for applicants. Recruiters are always associated with organizations and help them to hire suitable candidates.

Recruiters do not bother to negotiate my salary:

False. As explained above, the recruiting agencies are paid a percentage of first-year salaries after placement of candidates. In fact, the recruiters always ensure that candidates get the salary they deserve so the recruiter also receives a fee they deserve.

Recruiters will not land me a dream job:

Another myth associated is that recruiting agencies do not help candidates to land dream jobs. A recruiter will always help applicants to go to those job interviews which best fit their skills and passion.

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