How A Business Can Start To Increase Employee Retention And Loyalty

Businesses that have high turnover rates often times spend far too much money training employees that may or may not stay long term. Couple this with the fact that some employees just do not work out for one reason or another compounds the financial issues. Getting into a flow as employees can be difficult if there is always someone new learning on the fly. For these reasons it is extremely important to retain employees and increase employee loyalty as it will help maximize profits. The company treating employees well is important as it makes them feel valued which a majority of people appreciate in a job. The following are tactics that can help increase employee retention to help improve business long term.

Create A Comfortable Working Environment

Creating a comfortable working environment will be a collaborative effort in the office. Asking staff how they could be more comfortable in terms of dress code can be a great place to start. Massage chairs in the break room is a perfect idea for a sedentary office as it can help reduce stiffness in the back. Cubicles simply do not foster communication and can make the work environment feel isolated. If it does not impact the performance of an employee allowing them to listen to music while they work can help them get into a flow. Writers often times listen to music so they can be inspired or stay energized during a long copywriting project.

Map Out Career Paths

The one thing that startups have a problem with is that of mapping out a career path for employees. This can lead those more career driven employees to be confused as to what their next step is so they end up leaving for another opportunity with a clear path to the top. Doing a corporate ladder illustration can also allow people to clearly see the hierarchy of positions. This can be a bit unclear at some startups as employees that have been there long term might think they are in charge despite the title of another new staff member.

Work From Home Perks

Being able to work from home is what many people think of as the ideal situation. Unlike those that work for themselves from home the company still gets employee benefits as well as a regular paycheck. Allowing those high performers to work from home permanently or for a few days a week will be a valuable perk. People that have families often times need to run an errand or take a sick child to the doctor. Having 3 flex days that they can use to choose whether to work at home or go into the office will let employees know the company cares about them as more than a social security number. For those people that seem to have a dip in performance at home, address this then revoke their privilege for a period as they have to take more responsibility for their productivity when working from home.

Good Amount Of Paid Time Off

Paid time off is important to many people as they do not want to have to pick and choose which holidays they will spend with family who lives a large distance away. The one thing to monitor is whether how many people in a given department will be gone at once. The last thing that a business wants is the entire sales or customer service teams to be gone at once. This will impact the performance of the company by lowering the quality of service which could harm customer relationships or stunt company growth.

Retain employees that put in a great effort daily and always seem to do the little things right. These are the type of staff members that help a company grow long term as their effort is conducive with growth.

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.