Hair Transplant Techniques Are More Efficient Than Ever

The cosmetic surgery industry has been booming for the past few years. The incorporation of many new technological innovations within procedures have boosted efficiency and offer new, minimally-invasive treatments for patients. One area that has seen a lot of innovation is hair loss treatment for women. Hair transplant techniques have become more precise, with a wealth of different methods now available to suit different hair and skin types.

Clinics are now making use of these innovative and efficient hair transplant techniques.

Long-Term Results

Hair transplants don’t need to be topped up every few years like some other cosmetic procedures. Instead, these transplants provide patients with long-term results, reducing the need to ever return to the practice for a repeat procedure or “touch up.” In fact, today’s hair transplants produce permanent results, meaning that should someone choose to go through with the procedure, they won’t be able to reverse the effects but can rest easy knowing the results are there to stay. Furthermore, no medication is needed after the procedure, so patients enjoy the results of their new hair transplant without any fuss.

Highly Cost-Effective

Thanks to their lasting nature, hair transplants can be a highly cost-effective solution for hair loss, especially considering that they no longer require repeat visits. Unfortunately, some patients choose less reputable clinics and receive treatments for a cheaper price, but this can actually cost more in the long-run.

The reason is that most clinics offering a cheap procedure aren’t likely to be as skilled or professional as those offering premium prices. This often results in patients needing to pay for fixing treatments and possibly an entirely new hair transplant procedure. While it can be tempting to take the cheapest option, that is often a path to disappointment, more visits and higher costs overall. Patients who do their research and choose a highly skilled practitioner are able to rest assured that despite potentially higher prices, they will remain satisfied with the results for a very long time.

There is Choice

When hair transplants were first introduced into the cosmetic industry, there was no choice of transplant method. Today, innovation has lead to efficiency enhancements, providing patients with choice. This allows them to get it right first time due to a better tailored hair transplant procedure.

efficient hair transplant techniques. Image by katyandgeorge from Pixabay.
Efficient Hair Transplant Techniques. Image by katyandgeorge from Pixabay


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves removing each hair follicle independently and then implanting them back into the scalp. The follicles are often extracted from the back of the head, dissected under a microscope and then transplanted individually back onto the desired area. The FUE treatment is almost painless, as all incisions are conducted under local anaesthetic and numbing cream for optimal comfort. Plus, the FUE transplant is finished with no scars or wounds, allowing the patient to recover faster.


The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) involves long strips of tissue being removed from the back of the head. Prior to the grafts being prepared, these tissues are placed within a holding solution, and then transplanted back to the head.

Compared with an FUE transplant, the FUT is definitely faster due to thousands of grafts being applied in one session, however it does tend to leave patients with more scars at the back of their head than an FUE transplant.

The decision between FUE and FUT comes down to a choice of preference unless a medical issue determines the selection.

The efficiency of hair transplants is now truly something to marvel at considering the basic procedures that we were once exposed to. With different techniques to choose from, all ensuring that the procedure is conducted quickly for a cost-effective price, hair transplant techniques have never been more efficient. only time will tell if new technological advancements improve upon this even further.

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