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Things to Consider Before You Buy a New Home

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If you’re thinking about moving to a new home, or buying your first home, there are several things you should think about before you decide where to buy. Of course, you’ll need to talk with your bank or other lenders about how much you can reasonably spend on a house, and how long your mortgage payments will last. But there are more things to think about than just financials.

What size home to buy

A lot of people simply buy as big of a home as possible. They max out their budgets for extra bedrooms and bathrooms, or for that bonus room above the garage. But, when you simply try to get as much square footage as possible, you can end up with entire rooms that you rarely or never use. If you don’t work from home, then you probably don’t need and won’t use a home office. If you have a formal living room in your current house, but never use it, then chances are you wouldn’t use one in your future home, either.

Instead, think critically about how much space you need, and what you might need it for. Consider not just how much space you need right now, but what other space you may need in the future. For instance, if you’re planning on having more children, add in the necessary number of extra bedrooms. Or, if you plan on hosting visitors or family members for extended periods, make sure that you have an available guest room. However, if neither of these apply to you, then you won’t need the extra bedrooms – freeing you up to buy a slightly smaller house in a more desirable location.

Make sure that your house is big enough to grow with you and your family, so that you won’t need to move again in a few years. But, also be realistic about the space that you use in your current house, and don’t spend extra money on extra space you won’t use.

What setting to live in

Although it can be convenient to simply find a house near your place of employment, the rules change a bit when you’re looking for a home to live in for a long while. Commute time is important to take into account, but remember that your home can be oasis for you and your family, away from the rest of the world.

For many, an oasis, an escape, immediately brings to mind the beach. If this applies to you as well, then you may consider Sea Pines houses or other coastal locations. However, these aren’t your only choices. City condos and townhomes in quiet or chaotic areas may be more your speed. Or, perhaps you want a true escape from the rest of the world, and a mountain home would be ideal for you.

Whatever location you choose, remember that your dream home doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. This home can be somewhere you live for years or even decades to come, so it’s crucial that it fit with your personality and your vision for your future.

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