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Houzz Releases Top 2018 Design Trends

Top 2018 Design Trends.

Houzz, a leader in home remodeling, has released their top 10 trends in design for 2018. The website, which provides trends based on input from home professionals and Houzz users, provides yearly trend updates.

The design trends that are slated to be popular choices in 2018 include more colorful options, using peel and stick reclaimed wood and stainless steel falling out of fashion.

Kitchens, routinely the most expensive remodel in a home, will start to receive more personalization. Users state that they’ll start to incorporate more colors into their kitchens, with navy blues becoming a popular choice for cabinets. Personal touches, from tiled backsplashes to granite countertops, will be incorporated into kitchens to lessen the appearance of cooking stains.

Furniture and decorations in a home will become more apparent and receive a “pop” from the addition of rich colors throughout the home. Professionals and users agree that rich colors will become more popular throughout homes this year.

Builders suggest that kitchens will see the addition of greys and blues added. Warm wood tones will replace many colored cabinets while earthy tones are expected to be added through homes.

Wall color choices will turn to peel and stick reclaimed wood to provide a more rustic feel in homes.

Sinks will make a major shift from stainless steel and white to more natural options. Stone and concrete sinks are expected to be the go-to option for homeowners in 2018. Copper sinks are also going to make a splash this coming year, according to Houzz. Dark hues will be the “in” style in kitchens. Granite sinks will also be a top choice in sink material.

Florals will make a resurgence. The floral patterns will be used with contrasting colors to make them “pop” more in homes. Floral wallpaper is not expected to make a resurgence, but remodelers expect more furniture and bedding to have floral themes.

Vintage styles will continue to be a top choice this year. The input from users indicates that vintage lighting will be a top choice among homeowners. Aged copper lighting fixtures, including the iconic pendant lights, will make a comeback. The vintage lighting fixtures will go along with more vintage sink options, furniture and décor.

The use of bucket sinks has started to become a popular choice in the last few years. The trend is expected to continue, with more remodels requesting wider and deeper sinks. Wider and deeper, or bucket sinks, are being chosen for laundry rooms and shared bathrooms thanks to their dual spout design and deeper basins.

Concrete will make its way indoors, with the material being chosen as a decorative choice. The material will be used as an accent in many homes and will fit well with the stone sink trends and navy or tobacco colors.

Millwork on walls and details are expected to become popular. Wooden walls are a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms already. Remodelers expect the trend to make its way into bedrooms to provide a more “country” feel in the room.

Backsplashes will also receive a makeover, with tile designs moving to a wallpaper-like design.

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